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  1. Straps & Bracelets
    Hi, Does there exist leather protectors on a bottle, that you can put a drop or two and rub out evenly? I remember having such for my leather furniture, but I'm not sure. Would it be suitable for watch straps?
  2. 2014
    The Hydro Mechanical Horologists unveiled its @Baselworld 2014 Official collections! Discover the movie : More at Welcome | HYT
  3. High-end watches
    Discover the fantastic human challenge and the incredible level of know-how found in this world's first system: Welcome | HYT
  4. News from the Watch Industry
    HYT, the hydro-mechanical horologists, announces the adoption of a digital brand protection solution to protect but also enhance HYT newly launched high-end watch collections. Developed and manufactured in Bienne, neighbouring other major watch manufacturers, HYT watches are the ultimate in...
  5. High-end watches
    Here is - with only 1/2 an hour in advance - the new HYT MOVIE which introduces the launch of their watches worldwide. Watches are sent as of today, worldwide. Here we go !!! Turn up the sound !!! [/LEFT] Related link: Welcome | HYT
  6. High-end watches
    Just a quick word if you are not following the HYT brand on Facebook, Twitter or on A quick word to summarize the fantastic week last week as HYT had the pleasure to discover the great cover of HYT on WIRED Time magazine. WIRED is the 2nd front cover in less than a month...
  7. 2012
    The H1 by HYT is what happens when Haute Horlogerie meets fluid mechanics. As one of the two reservoirs at 6 o'clock compresses, the other expands, and vice versa, to push the fluids they contain through the tube. As the hours pass, the luminescent liquid advances. The half-moon meniscus marks...
1-7 of 7 Results