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  1. Serious Suggestions for an Invicta Watch Forum Please?

    Affordable watches
    There are about eight or nine decent looking examples... ...ranging from desolate wastelands and Invicta bashing online honky-tonks to weird, advertisement riddled, one hundred forty character blurb depositories. A few of my Invictas, I...
  2. Poll: Would you like an Invicta Forum?

    Affordable watches
    If you folks want it, you will need to vote.
  3. F72 forum favourites?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi F72! I mainly hang out in the Affordable and Seiko sections, and I'm looking to try something new! I'm looking for a crash course on what's considered the cream of the crop here. E.g. like the SARB033, SKX007 and SRP777 Turtle are the darlings of the Seiko section, and the Steinhart Ocean...
  4. Welcome to the Grand Seiko Official Forum - Now Sponsored by Seiko Corporation of America

    Grand Seiko
    To our fellow Watchuseek members and fans of Grand Seiko: Thank you very much for your years of support of the Grand Seiko brand! As many of you know, Topper Jewelers has done an excellent job of starting the Grand Seiko Official Forum here on Watchuseek. With the growth of GS in the US...
  5. Watchuseek Russian Forum Project Ratnik from Vostok Design

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is the WUS Russian forum Ratnik project watch. Price is $200 including PayPal fees and US shipping. For shipping outside of ten US, please PM me first. This is serial number #39 of only 59 made. Custom dial and caseback. 40mm case. Vostok automatic movement. Comes with Russian...
  6. VIDEO: Corum Watch Collection from Baselworld 2016

    News from the Watch Industry
    Check out the colourful new  Corum  watch collection from Baselworld 2016 below. Want more amazing watch videos? Subscribe to  Watchuseek’s Youtube Channel Here.
  7. OT: Why so many forums?

    Public Forum
    Hi folks, As I was scrolling through the WUS forum top level to get to the few forums I frequent, I wondered why we have so many forums? (I searched for previous discussions on this but couldn't find anything particularly relevant.) Is there some historical reason for picking the ones we...
  8. Welcome to the Official Vintage VDB watches forum !

    Vintage VDB
    In this very first post we proudly announce the Vintage VDB 2014 project! Curtain up for the VDB 2014. We have kept you on tenterhooks and today we proudly present the Project VDB 2014. More information at
  9. Welcome to the NAWCC Forum

    NAWCC Forum
    As most of you know, WatchUSeek has grown to be the world's largest watch forum with more topics, traffic, and members than any other. With this position has come the responsibility of assisting the good efforts of others to further our whole community of watch lovers and collectors. One of the...
  10. The Final Countdown !

    Champion V Watch Forum Challenge
    CHAMPION V WATCH FORUM CHALLENGE THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Don’t miss the announcement of the winner on April 27 ! Baselworld – Eberhard & Co. booth Hall 1.1 – Stand B71 and on-line on this Champion V Watch Challenge Forum ! Visit the Eberhard & Co website
  11. Welcome to the new Lange & Söhne watches forum at Watchuseek!

    A. Lange & Söhne
    We are happy to announce the launch today of a dedicated A. Lange & söhne watches forum here at Watchuseek. As you may have noticed the header of the forum features the beautiful Datograph AUF / AB we have written about some time ago. To refresh your memories and to celebrate the launch, we're...
  12. Why there isn't an American Watches Forum on WUS?

    Public Forum
    When I look for info about American watches on WUS I have to search either the Public or the Vintage forums or some dedicated brand forum (if there is one). This is not convenient as there are many American watches (or with American heritage) that are discussed on WUS. An American Watches Forum...
  13. It is a coconut shell.

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Offer wholesale handmade clock. Watch vintage style. Handmade from coconut bright exotic feel. Affordable vintage for nature lovers. Popular for Traveler Children and young people. (Shape or pattern, such as stone beads and jewelry may be different from the picture. Just a little. Depending on...
  14. Welcome to our NEW Cartier Forum

    Watchuseek is proud and honored to introduce our new Cartier Forum. We strongly believe that we have many members and visitors with a special interest in this fine watch brand. The forum will be moderated by Hugh aka Athram. We wish you a pleasant and informative stay at our Cartier forum.
  15. Please welcome ZENITH SA as the new and official Zenith Forum sponsor.

    Watchuseek is very proud to announce that Zenith SA decided to advertise and sponsor the Zenith Forum. Please reply to this thread if you appreciate their support as much as I do and make sure to click the new header of this forum to visit their website.
  16. Ideas for improving the Watch Sales forum

    Public Forum
    I am sick of looking at for sale postings and having to read paragraphs of descriptions just trying to find the condition of the watch and the sales price. I have long wondered why there is not a structured form to fill out when listing a watch FS. Why can't we have all people selling watches...