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  1. Traded: FS Yellow Franken Monster SKZ251 $200 OBO

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Long discontinued and hard to find Yellow Franken Monster SKZ251 up for sale $200 There are a couple of light scratches on the bezel and normal desk diving on the SS bracelet. Also includes 2 extra links. Include is a brand new Z22 bracelet and a Nice Nato Strap See pictures:
  2. Theo and Harris anyone have experience?

    Public Forum
    Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone can confirm my strong suspicions thtat these two watches for sale at are either franken/fake/redialled. I have contacted them and they have...
  3. Buran Polar Bear with crown at 12 o'clock. Any ideas? Franken?

    Russian watches
    Hello Comrades, Here is a little interesting watch, a Franken I suspect. A Buran with a Vostok 2409A movement. As you can see there is an issue with the printing (a smudge?) at around the 6 o'clock mark. What attracted me was the fact that I had not seen one like this with the crown at 12...
  4. Can anyone identify this Raketa 24 hour watch?

    24 Hour watches
    Hi all, I have purchased this 24 HR Raketa. It appears to be using a genuine 2623.H movement, however trawling through literally hundreds of eBay listings and old catalogues I am yet to see anything with this face and world time bezel combination being sold before (except some vaguely similar...
  5. HMT Kailash - Franken?!

    Affordable watches
    Hi. I was looking at buying this watch. It is in good mechanical condition but I think it may be a franken. Any HMT experts out there to tell me a little more about this watch. I have attached a picture. Thanks!
  6. Real or not?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    The seller of this alleged Longines USN BuShips agreed to my offer, and it is on its way. I've contacted Longines, but no response yet. I have not seen a verified one with the "waterproof" on the dial. What do you guys think?
  7. *DONE* - Two vintage frankens: Seiko and Favre Leuba Sea King

    WTT - Trade Corner
    I got these two recently from an Indian eBayer and the transaction kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. I'd like to trade them for… pretty much anything - I'm trying to start a collection. Make me an offer for one or both of these watches! PM me for any further details/information/photos. I'm...
  8. Thoughts on this Sub

    Rolex & Tudor
    Full disclosure, it is a Franken. I know some people here frown upon those. Here are the details........ Watch details: Case: Swiss made Sandoz submariner case manufactured in the 1970's. Company was founded by Henri SANDOZ in 1870 in malleray, Switzerland. Crown: Genuine Rolex triplock...
  9. Looking for help with regards to identifying a Raketa watch 2603

    Russian watches
    Hey, I'm a nooby to these forums, but I've just purchased my first Raketa off eBay I'm wondering if any of you experienced lot could identify this, as I'm not entirely sure whether I have a genuine USSR period Raketa, or a franken watch. As far as I can see, its running a 16j 2603 movement with...
  10. Pateka Authenticity????? 2609.HA Movement

    Russian watches
    Hello Everyone! So I just bought a soviet watch from a guy last week, and after looking at it, Im stumped! Is this real or fake? First, I was told it was a late 60's early 70's homage to the Russian Art Deco movement of the 20's and 30's, which, straight up, Im not buying, dont believe a word...
  11. Amphibia antimagnetic franken, what now?

    Russian watches
    Hi guys. I just shot this watch. But now I'm thinking if it is a franken or not. Are the hands original to this dial? Thanks.
  12. Franken watch? Bogus dial?

    Russian watches
    Found this on Etsy...what do you think? Rare Soviet watch Russian watch Pobeda Zim 24 h door asyawatches
  13. Omega 510 Movement into a Franken?

    Hey, This is my first time posting. I've been looking at watches for a long time, and finally bought my first not too long ago. (A Rotary semi-skeleton automatic ( I've also purchased an Omega 510...
  14. Did I just buy a franken Poljot Shturmanskie 31659?

    Russian watches
    I've had my eye on these for a few months and should have done more research before buying this. But my wife just spent $700 on clothes, so I was kinda out for revenge. Besides I wanted to round out the Russian watch collection to an even number. Makes sense right? But, I think I might have...
  15. Let's calm my fears over this 3133

    Russian watches
    So I have had this 3133 for a while now. While I love the watch, I did not know much about 3133s at the time I bought it. I have done some more research, with the "guide-determining-age-originality-poljot-3133-chronograph" thread being where I got most of my information. The chrono dials seem...
  16. Examine my Franken Gagarin ...

    Russian watches
    Hi all, Almost a year ago, before discovering the finer points of Franken-spotting I purchased this "cool-looking" Russian watch. A Sturmanskie Gagarin! ... for $45 ;-) Now, I'm finally getting around to examining some of my earlier purchases and low and behold if I didn't nab a franken or two...
  17. What's up with this Omega? Franken?

    Hi all, Still searching for my first watch. I came across this in my searches, but what's up with the gold-plated lugs soldered onto the steel case? Is it a franken? Obviously the crown is not original. A word of warning- it's coming from Uruguay which I've heard is full of fakes and frankens...
  18. Sunday is funday! What is wrong with some sellers?!?!

    Russian watches
    Just wanted to make you smile before the new working week starts! EXHIBIT A: EXHIBIT B: EXHIBIT C: First one to spot the barely noticeable errors wins the right to bid for them!
  19. The usual suspects: this week's line-up of Raketa Perpetual Calendars on !

    Russian watches
    Hello dear Raketists! I know that this is a sport for you: This week, features the following Raketa Perpetual Calendars. Your conclusion? 1)RAKETA CALENDRIER PERPETUEL MONTRE RUSSE-RUSSIAN WATCH | eBay Genuine, Fake, Franken? Face OK? Raketa Logo OK? Hands OK? 2)Raketa...
  20. Project: Building a franken pocketwatch for fun?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I'm wondering if this is something people have done or not. Has anyone built a "franken" watch just for fun? Not to sell it but because you wanted to to. I seen some nice pocket watches but I can't afford them but I do like to build things. If I can figure out which cases go with with dials...