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  1. Did I get a franken Rodania?

    Public Forum
    I made an impulse purchase of a Rodania. It hit all the marks of an Omega Railmaster but a little more funky with that crazy huge broad arrow hour hand. After doing some more research, I can't find anything else quite like it. There are some Rodania divers that have similarities, but not the...
  2. Urgent Help: Frankenwatch or rare model?

    Hi guys, A bit confused here. Wanted to get my first diver and Seiko was an obvious choice. SKX009 annoyed me due to circled dial markings and inverse lollipop. SKX173 was perfect. Ordered a watch on amazon from promenadewatches and the following arrived (pic attached). Do we have a...
  3. HMT dial sizes for Sportstar replica

    Affordable watches
    I am contemplating making my own HMT Sportstar replica as they are unobtainium. I have settled on a seamaster style case that requires a 28mm dial. What HMT 21j automatic would have a 28mm dial ?
  4. How to Buy Vintage Watches Online - Ultimate Guide

    Public Forum
    Hello all, :-) As many of you probably know, buying vintage watches online can be a hit and miss, risky nightmare... I wrote a guide to buying vintage watches online based on personal experience, and I hope you'll be able to benefit from it too! :) Here it is - How to Buy Vintage Watches...
  5. Molnija Frankenwatches, opinions?

    Russian watches
    I recently bought a couple Molnija "Frankenwatches". I'm a college student on a budget and wanted a decent mechanical watch. After spending more time on here than I should have (instead of studying), I ended up buying these two watches with Molnija 3602 movements. I realize that these are not...
  6. Advice re: Valjoux project

    As a lifetime collector and full on watch nerd I am finally ready to take the plunge into building a watch of my own... A Frankenwatch that is... I've been able to figure out most of what I need to complete this project as well as relative guide to the pricing but there are a few issues for...
  7. Thoughts on this Sub

    Rolex & Tudor
    Full disclosure, it is a Franken. I know some people here frown upon those. Here are the details........ Watch details: Case: Swiss made Sandoz submariner case manufactured in the 1970's. Company was founded by Henri SANDOZ in 1870 in malleray, Switzerland. Crown: Genuine Rolex triplock...
  8. Amphibia antimagnetic franken, what now?

    Russian watches
    Hi guys. I just shot this watch. But now I'm thinking if it is a franken or not. Are the hands original to this dial? Thanks.

    High-end watches
  10. Please Help! Passionate Newbie in Trouble!

    Public Forum
    Hello All, I knew that I would make serious amateur mistakes on my first purchase of a vintage watch. But after doing quite a lot of pre-bid research on my own, I made a bid without first consulting the Longines experts in this forum. And now, hours after the auction, I am still anxiously...
  11. "Mumbai Specials" and other Watch Originations to Avoid

    Public Forum
    So with the help of my fellow WUS WISes (sp). Hah, that's fun to type... I've managed to avoid making some risky frankenwatch purchases. Sometimes I browse fleabay to see what kind of fun and interesting treasures pop up and it seems like a lot of vintage watches are coming from the following...
  12. Omega 510 Movement into a Franken?

    Hey, This is my first time posting. I've been looking at watches for a long time, and finally bought my first not too long ago. (A Rotary semi-skeleton automatic ( I've also purchased an Omega 510...
  13. Need Help New to Russian Vintage Watches

    Russian watches
    I'm new to Vintage Russian watches and just got this one as a gift. After doing some quick research I found out that this is what you call a "franken". The watch was sold as a soviet ussr Molnija Komandirskie smersh. I understand that this is most likely nonsense. I'm interested to find out...
  14. Now Thats a Franken! (Speedmaster Modder is back)

    There has been a lot of "Frankenwatch" discussions recently in the Forums, so it got me itching to breathe life into a collection of parts.... This arrived last week. It was in shocking condition. Not only is every part scratched, but it is thick with human soil. Obviously I am thrilled with...
  15. Franken Fortis??? (ebay seller limas_watchstudio)

    I found this fortis on ebay, it's an incredibly deal...almost too incredible. I'm just getting into watches and know near nothing about fortis, but I find it weird their name is not found on the movement. I know the dial has been re-painted which isn't a turnoff for me, because I really like the...
  16. Franken Roamer!

    Public Forum
    Share my experience on a bad buy - I hope it helps with identification! The only genuine Roamer parts are the movement, face, stem and winder! A great debt is owed to Dr Roland Ranfft, one of the worlds greastest watch experts, who gave me his time to identify this horror!
  17. Just for Fun: Rudimentary Mock-up of PO GMT with Bond Blue...

    Sorry about the rudimentary nature of my photoshop effort (just don't have the time today to do it right). But I threw together a basic Planet Ocean GMT Concept, adding the Bond Blue color to the top of the bezel. Obviously, I would want 2-22 numbers listed on the bezel, probably all in...
  18. FS: SEIKO 5 Sports Diver 200M Automatic SKZ249K1 - Orange Franken Monster

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I am selling this excellent Seiko Diver to make room for new arrivals. It is in like new condition, conservative TZ rating of 98%. It has never been worn with the included original seiko strap. As with all Seiko Monsters, the lume on this Franken Monster is outstanding! I am asking $170.00...
  19. Subtle personalizing or customizing your Omega

    As I approach my eventual purchase of an Omega SeaMaster, the thought occurred to me to ask how anyone has personalized their Omega, even if by just replacing the band with one they've never seen before on another Omega. But I can't help but be curious how anyone's possibly gone a step further...