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  1. Public Forum
    The last few days I've been thinking that my PC was having some weird ticking issues with my case fans or something and only just found the cause of the faint ticking noise. I usually place my watch on the desk when working away and today found out that the movement's resonance was in sync with...
  2. Watchmaking
    Hey guys,I recently acquired a BVLGARI Diagono Professional GMT Flyback and am very impressed with it. But I have noticed strange quirk with the movement I hope you guys could help me with; the running seconds beats at what looks like 3Hz, but when I activate the chronograph both the running...
  3. High Accuracy Quartz watches
    I've been bidding on an old salvaged Seiko QM-10 Marine Chronometer on the 'Bay... The price just keeps going up and up... what do I really want ? Ah Ha, 'there's the rub' as Hamlet liked to say, what I want is a highly accurate time piece to serve as a reference and for the 4 figure price...
1-3 of 3 Results