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  1. What influences your decision for watch purchases?

    Public Forum
    I attended a friend's house party recently and was gobsmacked at his watch collection from Casio to B&R. He himself wasn't sure why he has such a large stockpile so I'm curious what the consensus is on WUS. Kuan
  2. A few more options wanted in the upcoming new Firmware (Ambit 1)

    Just came across my mind that some really tiny and easy-to-add options might be needed. 1. Speed Source when both GPS and Bike Speed Pod is in use. 2. Altitude Source when both Barometer Altitude and GPS Altitude is available. 3. GPS Interval of 5s, 10s and 30s Finally a hard one: Modify the...
  3. Who would approve of a regular "Flash-Alert" for modern tough-solar models?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, I was wondering why that feature vanished. The ancient DW-5600 has had it, more recent models with a "Ralley-Timer" have it as well, even if limited to that mode, it cannot be a matter of battery-issues. We are may not be representative for Casio's entire target-group of customers, but...
  4. Fashion or Functionality?

    Casio G-Shock
    So, I'm not sure if this has already been raised somewhere, so please forgive me if I'm rehashing old inquiries. :-s But, do you lean more towards fashion or function when you buy the majority of your Gs? I mean, do the colors or limited edition status usually create a larger draw for you guys...