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  1. Casio G-Shock
    i have an old gshock g2300, the battery was dying, it went to 2000, 1/1, 1200? so i got a hold of the ml2016, took it to jewelery store. the guy got it open, but had problem with getting it to reset with tweezers. the buttons still didnt respond. a couple of times, he claims that he almost got...
  2. Casio G-Shock
    I am not new to G-Shocks, I have owned all my life and I love the way they look and feel on my wrist and most of all, the way they survive the crap I put them through. Now although the watch itself is tough, I've noticed that the weak point is the strap. And although the strap i interchangeable...
  3. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi Guys, Anyone got a nice g2300-9v that they want to part with, if so give me a shout. Thanks, Barry.
  4. Casio G-Shock
    Atomic not necessary, but Solar would be nice. Looking for something to replace my frog, and the 5600e's aren't quite big enough for my wrist. Maybe I'll have to go with one of the bottom of the line protreks, but it won't have solar (for what I will spend on this one). Any suggestions?
  5. Casio G-Shock
    1. Before starting - this guy has done a lot of hard work: 2. There's a lot of crud under the bezel: 3. Off for a clean with the dishes: 4. Outside for a sun dry: 5. And then re-assembled after it's clean up: Detail of before: And After: Not concours, but noticeably better :-)
1-5 of 7 Results