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  1. Rubber gasket for Seiko Arctura Jorg Hysek 5M42-0E39

    Hi all I'm looking for some help finding a part number. I recently bought a 5M42-0E39 and I have changed the capacitor, but the rubber gasket had perished and it fell apart when I took off the front of the watch. I think the gasket is essential to avoid moisture getting in. I've been scouring...
  2. Seiko 5 Sport gaskets

    Dear (probably) fellow Seiko Owners, I'm wondering if anyone can give me info about the new 5 Sports line's (mine is the SRPD63) gaskets. How many gaskets does the crown have? I assume it has a gasket in the crown, hence the crown is not closing completely on the case (not totally flush and not...
  3. Crown/stem gasket broke and a piece fell out - help!

    Dive watches
    Folks: A months-old Pantor Nautilus (love it by the way), with which I am very careful...suddenly a piece of black gasket was visiible when trying to screw down the crown after time setting. (I set weekly to the atomic signal, so I'm unscrewing and screwing down the crown once a week...
  4. Bezel vs Caseback gasket

    Are bezel and case-back gaskets different or are they interchangeable? Specifically I'm asking about gaskets for a 7s26-0040 case (SKX031/033).
  5. Casio DW-280 Model [1000]: O-Ring/Gasket Dimensions?

    Dive watches
    Hi I have a Casio DW-280 [1000] dive watch which I've used for eaons, and which is great except the battery cover o-ring (gasket) has swollen and is now too large. Can anyone please tell me what dimensions (radial cross-section diameter, and Inside Diameter) I need for this watch? Casio...
  6. Seiko Spirit SCV003 gasket

    Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    Hi everyone, i'm planning on calibrating my seiko spirit scv003, about 9 years old, myself and already did some research on how to do it, etc. I would do it by a professional, but im on a tight budget. I'll probably have to change the casback gasket as well, but i don't have any precision tools...
  7. Where can I buy replacement gasket for 1990s Timex Ironman Triathlon?

    Affordable watches
    Hey, good folk of the Affordables Forum, Does anybody know if replacement rubber gaskets are available for the 1990s Timex Indiglo Ironman Triathlon watches? I found mine in a box where it had languished for probably a decade or more with a dead battery, and one CR2016 later it works perfectly...
  8. G-2000 (screwback) gasket source/size

    Casio G-Shock
    I have 7 G-2000 that are going to be coming up on battery changes in the next year or so. I only have 3 gaskets left!! Anyone have a source, part number, or just the o-ring size for these? I know they are getting up there in the vintage and hard to find parts for ages, but I have plenty of...
  9. Need gasket for Slava

    Russian watches
    Hi all, it's been a while since I have been around here. Watches have been set aside for a while and not really into getting any new ones, especially since I got quiet a few that I haven't even touched yet. A few years ago, I bought some Slave quartz watches (USSRtime #0182). They had gaskets...
  10. Looking for gasket for old Casio Diver

    Public Forum
    Anyone know where I can locate a crown gasket for a Casio 394 MD-502? Bought the watch around 1994, it was discontinued in '97. Does anyone do custom gaskets for old watches? Here's a picture of the watch if helpful: Thanks, Bill
  11. Crystal Gasket: Nylon or Teflon

    Hello, I'm new to the group. Hello to all! I'm working on a wristwatch with a sapphire crystal front window, water resistant up to 100m. I am now designing the gasket (a standard I-shaped gasket). I want to find out the best material for it, but no one was able to tell me if it is "better" to...
  12. To grease or not to grease?

    Dive watches
    Hi all, I just picked up a 6309-7049 the other day with unknown service history and I am currently sourcing replacement gaskets for the caseback, crystal, and crown. I realize that the silicone helps the gaskets waterproofing properties, but just how important is it? I also own a modern skx...
  13. Seiko Samurai SS Parts

    Hello forum members I'm becoming crazy trying to find a crystal gasket and the entire bezel (or at least the insert) for my Seiko Samurai Stainless Steel. I'm planning to buy the sapphire crystal from Yobokies but Harold doesn't have the crystal gasket either my watchmaker, I don't know where...
  14. Where to buy case back screws and gasket for Speedmaster Pro X-33?

    Hello, I have recently acquired a used X-33 Gen 2 (after having sold my Gen 1 many years ago). I think the changes that Omega has made on the Gen 2 should have been on the Gen 1 to start with, but that's just my personal preference. In any case, since the seller didn't know when it was the...
  15. Seiko USA watch repair quote, worth it?

    Back on the Seiko forum after poking my head into various Swiss and vintage threads cause I miss my old diver ;( Anyway, I sent in my midsize automatic diver's watch (SKX013) to the US Seiko repair center (New Jersey) this week for a new back gasket, a bezel adjustment (it's really tight when...
  16. How many of you switch out the o-rings on the buttons to ensure water resistance?

    Casio G-Shock
    How many of you switch out the o-rings on the buttons to ensure water resistance? I know that it is a good idea to replace the case back gasket on occasion, but how about those button o-rings?
  17. Restoring an old DW5600C (please help)!

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey, Awhile back when I was in South America I bought an old DW5600C (901) from an old watch shop. The watch has been working great until about two weeks ago. I think some water got inside and fried the module. Now the module seems to have a mind of it's own. So the other day I picked up a...
  18. Tag Heuer 155.706professional 200 m parts, mildew

    TAG Heuer
    Hello to all, I have a Tag, which when I sent to Tag 4 years ago, was told that they would not service, due to discontinuation. Sent a catalog back and said I could purchase one at a discount. I have been changing the batteries myself, with the result of moisture intrusion (I think) which caused...
  19. 7002 Gasket Question

    Hey guys, Could anyone help me find a complete gasket set (crystal, bezel, case back, and crown) for a Seiko 7002 diver? I would like to get all the seals replaced and have the watch's water resistance tested. If they are not available as a set, where would be the best place to by them...
  20. Is it Necessary To Replace Gaskets?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey guys, I recently bought a DW- 6900. I like to keep my watches for a long time. I was wondering, other than changing the battery, do any of you ever do any maintenance on your g-shocks? Like do you ever replace the gaskets or anything? Thank you in advance, and happy holiday season to everyone!!