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  1. My Gevril GV2 4915L Limited Edition Tonneau Moon Phase Mens Lefty Watch

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    Four years ago, I received a Gevril GV2 4915L Limited Edition Tonneau Moon Phase Mens Lefty Watch for Christmas. I had never heard of the brand and I have never had such a watch before. I liked the watch but I was not sure the orange and black coloring would go with anything that I normally wear...
  2. FS: Gevril, Hamilton, G Shock, Armand Nicolet, Daniel Steiger, and Invicta Watches for sale

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello, I am new to the site and an elderly lady I work with inherited a handful of watches and asked me to try to sell them for her. I have researched the watches a bit and decided to list them on here. The watches are all best reasonable offer so if youre interested in any just email or if you...
  3. Make a Gevril 4804L from 4800L and 4804B?

    Public Forum
    I want a Gevril 4804L (red bezel, red and black leather band) but can't find one anywhere; maybe it's true that they were limited to 500 pieces. The 4800L has the red and black leather band I want and the 4804B has the red bezel I want but a SS bracelet. Does anyone know if I could swap the...
  4. Review: Gevril Gv2 "Limited Edition"

    Gevril Gv2 "Limited Edition" I've noticed that these (and other) Gevril Gv2 watches pop up every now and then and whenever they do there seems to be hesitation over the brand and/or variation in price. Having owned one I thought I would write a short review so that people have a better...