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  1. The WUS Tropic Strap giveaway

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hey all! Internal note here from the editor-in-chief of Watchuseek. We're running a photo contest on Instagram right now (details at the link below) giving you all a chance to win some of the new Tropic Straps that launched recently. This isn't a sponsored post, and there's no money trading...
  2. Holiday Special: Get a Free G-Shock Gorillaz Edition with Purchase of Select G-Shock Watches!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Still hunting for that perfect gift this holiday season? It's hard to find a watch collector young or old who doesn't appreciate the gift of G-Shock, and this year, we're adding a fresh new 'gift with purchase,' hot on the heels of our wildly popular Pigalle promotion back in November. This time...
  3. CONTEST — Your Chance To Win Up To 3 New Tropic Straps!

    From The WUS Editorial Team
    Happy to be making this announcement — We're partnering with Tropic Straps for a special contest running on Instagram now through the new year! Read the details at the link below, but basically, we're looking for your best and most creative watch photos! Share them on Instagram using...

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi All, We encourage all of our fans to stay up to date with our latest updates and product developments, releases and promotional runs. Signing up to the UNDONE mailer gives our fans the opportunity to stay up to date with all of the above, and join the UNDONE community. For the month of...
  5. Year-End Giveaway: 2018 F71 Post of the Year!

    Affordable watches
    How often do we say something like "Post of the year!" when we like something more than a simple click of the like button can express?? We need a thread for that gold. Call this the vault, then. Store your F71 gold here! I just clocked 7 years posting almost exclusively in F71 (and 29...)...
  6. HMT Mechanical (Virat) at near Half Price Discount

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi, I have received many HMT watches from a gentleman who relocated to Ireland recently and I have been tasked to give away the watches without any profiteering. So after consultations, the person wants the watches to be given away at almost half their original purchase price. All the watches...
  7. 7K+ Giveaway - The Great Man (or Woman) Theory of Watches

    Affordable watches
    It's been awhile since I have done a giveaway and I'm up over 7K now, so it's time to get one started. Watch companies love to theme watches after planes, trains, and automobiles certainly. Or they "collaborate" by sticking another brand's name alongside their own. But, quite often, they also...
  8. Giveaway: let's start 2017 the right way!

    Affordable watches
    2017 just began (Shocking, ain't it!!), and, well.. 2016 was a stinker for many folks. 2017 needs some positive stuff, asap. And, oh, hey, I'm at 4k posts. Don't we usually do giveaways every now and then at these times? So let's start 2017 right. New Year's Day, and the following week, is...
  9. $30 'fashion' watch... how bad could it be, right? (Review, and a giveaway)

    Affordable watches
    Picked this up last friday from a local online retailer for the equivalent of about 30 bucks. An "AKZENT Men's Quartz Watch"... Now, fair's fair - there were exactly two requirements I wanted this watch to fulfill during the one and only time I plan to wear it: 1) Literally the cheapest option...
  10. Melbourne Watch Co - Portsea 3rd Release Pre-Order & GIVEAWAY Thread

    Affordable watches
    Hi all, We recently launched pre-sales for the 3rd release of our popular Portsea auto calendar model (stainless steel versions). Pre-order pricing is being staggered to give the most benefit to those who jump on board early, as follows: - $595AUD until 31st March - $695AUD from 1st April to...
  11. What do you think about this watch?

    Public Forum
    What do you think about this watch? I saw the watch giveaway promotion on Facebook. Although the watch uses a quartz movement, I think the design is beautiful.
  12. Melbourne Watch Co - End Of Summer Giveaway

    Affordable watches
    Hi All, We're currently running a giveaway through our website, so I thought I'd share here! :-) Up for grabs are four Carlton watches. The lucky winners can choose whether they would like the Black/SS or Silver/Rose Gold version. The draw will be at midday on Monday 29th February, Melbourne...
  13. 2015 In Review (Melbourne Watch Co. Giveaway Inside!)

    Affordable watches
    Hey all, Well - 2015 is nearly over and I thought I'd take a moment to look back over the year that was in the world of Melbourne Watch Company. It's been a great year for us with three new models released (Avalon, Carlton & Portsea Heritage) and re-stocks of the Flinders, Hawthorn & Portsea...
  14. Nearing 3000 milestone - Giveaway

    Public Forum
    I'm not quite there yet, but will soon reach the 3000 post mark, and to celebrate have decided to have a little clear-out. Like the last giveaway I did, this one revolves around straps, but with a couple of bonus items, including a watch thrown in. Lot #1 - a brand new, still in packet, Obris...
  15. 2K Post Giveaway!!

    Affordable watches
    Hey Guys, I completely missed the fact that recently I finally cracked the 2k post mark on here, so I figured it is time for another giveaway! b-) **Please note - this has nothing to do with Melbourne Watch Company** I'm going to take a page from Mediocre's book and shamelessly steal his...
  16. * OFFICIAL latest G. Gerlach NAVIGATOR GIVEAWAY *

    Affordable watches
    Lads, This is our first official giveaway action we ever made, so please be gentle ;-) I have discussed this idea with Ernie long time ago - but there was still some issues with model we wanted to share. o| But, finally, we are ready :-! I hope&belive that most of Affordable Watches users are...
  17. Father's Day rhymes at Ball Watch Giveaway !

    Public Forum
    Timeless Luxury Watches is doing a Father's Day Ball Watch Giveaway :-! Click the image below to Enter:
  18. GIVEAWAY! I?m parting with three affordables! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    Affordable watches
    GIVEAWAY! I’m parting with three affordables! WINNERS ANNOUNCED! GIVEAWAY! There have been quite a lot of giveaways lately and I want to participate, too! My watch box is getting too small and because I don’t want to get another one, some pieces will be sold or given away. I don’t post on...
  19. I'm giving away a Planet Alpha

    Affordable watches
    I have too many watches. In my outgoing pile is a Planet Alpha from the second production run, worn just a few times. I'm going to give it away. The one I have includes this Hadley Roma silicone strap, trimmed a bit to fit this watch, and also the original bracelet. I may have the original box...
  20. 1000 Post Giveaway/Charity Auction

    Affordable watches
    Hi all, It seems I've cracked the 1000 post milestone on WUS and since I spend most of my time here in F71 I thought I'd celebrate by doing a giveaway of sorts. I'm going to be unoriginal and go with the same concept that Doc did recently with his 6000 post milestone and kick off a charity...