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  1. WTT - Trade Corner
    Found one. Thanks WUS! Looking to purchase: MKII (Bill Yao) watch(es): with 20mm or 22mm lugs and rotating bezels. Fulcrum, Graywater, Blackwater, Gen 1 or 2 Paradive or others. (Longshot, I know but can't hurt to ask.) If interested, can trade a Sinn 756. +/- cash depending Thanks for looking.
  2. MK II
    Hey Guys, As the newest member of the Graywater club, I thought it might be fun to create a owners list to see how many are out there and how many owners are active on the forum. From my research I know that about 50 were scheduled to be made, and only approximately 40ish were ever produced...
  3. MK II
    Just a heads up to everyone. If you are interested in a Graywater, I'm nearing the end of the wait list and may have a few to offer, please PM me if interested. This project had a very long gestation and I'm grateful to Bill for sticking it through, despite the many hurdles thrown at him. The...
1-3 of 5 Results