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  1. (Reduced) Casio G Shock Gulfman Orange Rare G-9100R Rescue Series Titanium Caseback

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    In very good condition Casio Gulfman G-9100R Orange Rescue Series. 200m WR, rust resistant, titanium casebook. The crystal is spotless. The strap is still stiff, hasn't break-in yet. Cool hammer logo backlight (see the last picture) (last picture borrowed from the web, it is hard to capture...
  2. Gulfman band compatibility across different models (G-9100, GW-9100, GW-9110)

    Casio G-Shock
    I know for certain that the G-9100 and GW-9100 both use the same lug and bezel design, so their bands are interchangeable. Also, the GW-9200 Riseman uses the same band mounting design, so bands from that model are compatible as well. This was important because the GW-9100 band is generally...
  3. ***SOLD*** Casio JDM G-Shock Gulfman GW-9110-1JF

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    ***SOLD*** From Casio's G-Shock Master of G line, selling a GW-9110-1JF. This is the JDM model with titanium hardware, positive display, Atomic Multiband 6 sync with wave/tide graph. Exact watch on G-Shock Japan site: GW-9110-1JF - 製å“�情å.± - G-SHOCK - CASIO Watch is in excellent...
  4. zinex- Zixen Nitrox Abyss Proffesional Diver ; casio gulfman gw9100p-7 man in white

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    Zixen Nitrox Abyss diver - very good condition - has few tiny scratches to the case . comes with box ( not in the best condition); warranty card - expired - extra links. 950 usd + shipping cost. PP fess on buyer. casio gshock gw9100p-7 gulfman in white - good condition - strap keeper...
  5. G shock Casio 6600 watch gulfman Men in Matte Black MULTIBAND 6 TOUGH SOLAR solar radio GW-9100MB-1J

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, Anyone know where can I buy this model of G Shock Casio 6600 watch gulfman Men in Matte Black MULTIBAND 6 TOUGH SOLAR solar radio GW-9100MB-1JF ? I've check with Singapore Gshock outlets, it says not selling. Any other way? Thanks!
  6. Stucked gulfman mode button

    Casio G-Shock
    hello guys, its newbie again, my gulfman mode button was stucked and i dunno how to fix it, i still can press it, but now i gotta press it harder and deeper than before, and sometimes when i hold it, it will keep changing the mode itself (e.g if i press it and keep holding it on timekeeping...
  7. help!! I cant hold my gshock gulfman buttons but theres no problem if i just press them

    Casio G-Shock
    well guys, newbie here, just got my first gshock its a g9100 gulfman n only a month old. it worked perfectly before but after couple weeks the problem appears, i wonder what did i do wrong with it like i might pressed it too hard so that i broke it, but i think its a gshock, shouldnt it be a...
  8. SOLD: Casio Gulfman Master G GW-9110-1JF G-Shock

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    For sale is my used Casio G-Shock GW-9110-1JF watch. The watch works perfectly, but is has a few cosmetic blemishes from being worn (the worst being at the top on the bezel on the rectangle above the date). Most are only slight scuffs and really can't even be noticed while wearing it. I have...
  9. FS: G-Shock Gulfman G-9100R Gulfman Men In Rescue Orange (MIRO) £65

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    For Sale - G-Shock Gulfman G-9100R 'Men In Rescue Orange' Features - Tidegraph, Moon Data, World Time Zones, Stopwatch, Alar, Auto EL Dual Illuminator, Rust Resistant Titanium Parts, 7 Year Battery Life, Special Hammer Backlight. With special hammer backlight. This watch is...
  10. CASIO G-SHOCK GULFMAN GW-9100 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    CASIO G-SHOCK GULFMAN GW-9100 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Buyer back out so bring it up again. For sale in very condition Casio Atomic Gulfman GW-9100. Includes 4 sides screws, extra band, and the watch stand. Asking $90 Sale includes free shipping in US. International buyer please pm for...
  11. FS (REDUCED) Casio Frogman Lightning Yellow GWF-T1030E and Gulfman GW-9100 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    FS (REDUCED) Casio Frogman Lightning Yellow GWF-T1030E and Gulfman GW-9100 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1) Very good condition Casio Atomic Gulfman GW-9100 that I just bought two weeks ago. The crystal is spotless with no scratches. Also include 4 brand new titanium band screws and Casio watch stand. Reduced...
  12. WTT: CASIO FROGMAN band for GWM5610 >>>>>>>>>>

    WTT - Trade Corner
    I have a brand new set of Casio Frogman GWF-1000BS replacement band and bezel set. Want to trade for Casio GWM5610. Please PM if you have one to trade. Thanks, SG

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    Up for sale is a beautiful G-Shock aviator GW-A1000D used but in very very good conditions . No scratches at all (as far as I can detect with my naked eyes) crystal is pristine anyway bear in mind it is always an used watch so there is some normal wear, but it very minimal because lightly...
  14. SOLD: Casio G-Shock Men in Mat Black Gulfman GW-9100MB-1JF

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    SOLD! a *beautiful* super stealthy, neg display version of the Gulfman. $299 CONUS Only. Free UPS Ground Shipping CONUS. Watch has been worn some; shows minor wear. No scratches on face. Included is: - Watch - Box - Tags - Manual (CD-Rom only)
  15. FS: My Casio G-shock Gulfman G-9100-BP-1DR (Purple Accents)

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    Up for sale is my G-shock Gulfman G-9100BP-1DR. Module 3088. Purple accents and buttons (perhaps the Men in Purple series). I’m the second owner. I purchased from a WUS’er. The watch is in excellent condition, as you can see. It comes with the box and manual. I’m asking $80.00 shipped...
  16. REDUCED Casio LTD.ED. ICERC IvoryWhite Dolphin/Whale Gulfman DW-9100K-7JR Solar/Atomic, EC **RARE**

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    Limited Edition, Ivory~White 2007 I.C.E.R.C. Dolphin/Whale Gulfman DW-9100K-7JR, Solar/Atomic Timekeeping...with inner/outer Commemorative boxes as shown. In addition to beautiful color, distinctive highlights include bright aqua illumination with a red humpback whale breeching out of the...
  17. REDUCED!: Casio 25th Anniversary Gulfman Ocean Grey GW-9125D-8JF, Pristine/Mint

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    FS: 25th Anniversary Limited Editin Ocean Grey Gulfman GW-9125-8JF in Commemorative Chest-Box designed by Eric Haze. Pristine/Mint, I have not worn the watch and with careful examination am unable to find a scratch/rub mark/other anywhere on the watch--crystal/bezel/band/caseback, and resin...
  18. Casio 25th Anniversary Gulfman Ocean Grey GW-9125D-8JF, Pristine/Mint

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    FS: 25th Anniversary Ocean Grey Gulfman GW-9125D-8JF, in commemorative Chest-Box designed by Eric Haze. Comes complete with ChestBox, Outer commemorative box, user manual and tag/materials as shown. Asking $330 Shipped, CONUS only. Pristine/Mint condition, I have not worn it and with careful...
  19. Gulfman and the generations

    The Gulfman holds a special place for me. It is the watch that brought me into the world of G-Shocks. OK, not all of them. This one: Which has led to this: But first, what is the Gulfman? It actually started out as the Fisherman (DW-8600) and has always been in the Master of G line...
  20. 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Casio G-Shock
    During the 25th anniversary (2008) Casio was mid-years of the first Atomic + Non-Atomic version generation. The atomic reception is called Waveceptor technology by Casio and that is why there is a “W” to differentiate two versions. Nowadays they can be difficult to tell apart other than some...