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  1. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello, I have an extra GW 9000 solar atomic for sale. I had bought a used one off of eBay and decided I wanted a new one instead so I bought another. Watch is in decent condition two slight pin hole size glass irregularities on the mineral crystal but hard to notice unless you look. All...
  2. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Lightly used GW-9000, Japanese Domestic Model - JDM, with original box and manual. Japanese version with dark rim under bezel. Purchased used as "like new" and worn sparingly, all functions working and syncs nightly. Mineral crystal is perfect, pictures show dust and minor wear from light use...
  3. Casio G-Shock
    It finally came in! Gonna go over 3 different things during this post, first and foremost is the watch itself. But also a review of upgraded packaging. The reason? There are a lot of threads asking about Rakuten, fromjapan, etc. but not much is said about...
  4. Casio G-Shock
    Hey guys, after being inspired by a post on here on modifying the gshock to enable the use of a zulu strap, i went ahead and followed all the instructions and here is the result below. My watch: Gshock mudman GW-9000A What I needed to carry out this little project: Buy a Suunto Vector strap...
  5. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling a Casio G-Shock GW9000 Mudman that is in excellent condition. There are no scratches or scuffs on the watch and the crystal is in perfect condition. All features work perfectly and the watch syncs up every night. Includes original instruction manual and watch stand. Will sell this watch...
  6. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Sears screwed me over BIG TIME. BIG TIME. To TRY to make it up, they offered me 2 watches, and I took 2 GW9000A-1V. You can see them straight on Sears website: I have not opened them, not touched them, not even looked at both of them...
  7. Casio G-Shock
    I received my new GW9000a-1 a couple days ago, and noticed the module is turned counter clockwise. I want to get it fixed, but not sure what to do with it. I can send it back to the company I bought it from for a full refund if not worn. If they suspect it's been worn then their "trained techs"...
  8. Casio G-Shock
    GW-9000a sorry no pics as of yet (camera is in the shop)But man what an awsam watch
  9. Casio G-Shock
    Hi again everyone: My new Mudman GW-9000A-1 has Atomic signal reception. My first question is... do I need to turn this function off while flying on commercial aircraft? Secondly, I am traveling to South America specifically Buenos Aires which is GMT-3. I can not find the city code for...
  10. Casio G-Shock
    Hello all. I went for a hike yesterday up Moose Mt. here in Alberta, Canada. The plan was to leave around 6pm and watch the sunset (9:51pm); it was sunny and hot when I left, but when I reached the summit, where there was quite the party going on (summer solstice people, but the solstice was...
  11. Casio G-Shock
    Just ordered my first G-Shock for when I am playing in the mud on my motorbike and stuff. Just wanted to say thanks for the forums, loads of information here :-!
  12. Casio G-Shock
    This is my favorite new watch
  13. Casio G-Shock
    Hi Everyone: I am looking to purchase the new Mudman GW 9000A-1. But first wanted to know if it would be possible to put a NATO strap on it. I understand that there are adapters that can be used but I am new to this whole g shock thing :)!!. Thanks in advance Cary
  14. Casio G-Shock
    Hey guys, this is my first post on the G-Schock forum, so Im sorry if this has already been discussed, but my search didnt give me much to go on. Im looking for a G-Shock...possibly the GW9000 A. I really like the Solar/Atomic features, but amnot a fan of the 5 circles above the time display...
  15. Casio G-Shock
    Hello, Since the instruction manual is in Japanese I figured I'd ask here. 1. How do I set the time? mine arrived with the time an hour behind. 2. Do I have to activate the atomic timekeeping? I noticed in pictures on this site of other mudman's, one of the eyes have several horizontal lines...
  16. Casio G-Shock
    Hey guys, new to the forum. I'm going to be buying a GW9000A-1, but I notice there aren't a lot of places selling them. Has anyone ever seen one at a Macy's or any other dept store type place? Owners, where did u end up getting yours at? Thanx.
1-16 of 16 Results