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  1. Why is hacking so popular?

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    So most of my mechanical watches have the hacking feature, but not because I was seeking the feature out but because many of the watches I bought were re-released with that feature. Why is this feature so popular or sought after? When I am setting the time on my watches whether the second hand...
  2. FS: Seiko Lord Matic 5606-7000

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    Hello everyone, this is my first sale here at WUS, so I don't have any feedback yet, but I wanted to be upfront about that fact before I go any further. I have a few sales on eBay and you can find my 100% positive feedback here...
  3. Vintage OMEGA SEAMASTER Automatic Watch Cal. 1020

    eBay Auctions
    Afternoon All! Here's another one - this time it's a Seamaster Automatic 1020 Cal. with a nifty hack feature: Vintage OMEGA SEAMASTER Automatic Swiss Watch Cal. 1020 | eBay
  4. Introduction to the term backhand hacking

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    There are many popular, affordable, automatic watch movements that continue to run even when the crown is pulled out to the hand setting position. These are called non hacking movements. When an automatic or manual wind mechanical watch has a feature that stops the second hand when the crown is...
  5. $$$ WRUW Thursday 27 October 2016 $$$

    Citizen Cosmotron 7803. This movement uses the button at 8 o'clock to reset the second hand to 12 when it is within a few seconds on the either side of 12 in order to accurately set the Watch.
  6. Vintage ZODIAC ASTROGRAPHIC 1200 Vickers SST Automatic Swiss Watch - Mystery Dial 99P STARTING BID

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    Evening All! I have a Zodiac Astrographic 'mystery dial' watch with a nice hacking movement up for sale (amongst others) 99p starting bid: Vintage ZODIAC ASTROGRAPHIC 1200 Vickers SST Automatic Swiss Watch -Mystery Dial | eBay
  7. Omega Seamaster 2254.50 - pull out to hack, push in and no second hand movement?

    I got a pre-loved 2254.50 and noticed that when I went to set date/time second hand hacked like it should but when I pushed the crown back in to winding position the watch didn't start running right away. I had to shake it to start it up again. Is this an indication of a problem?
  8. SOLD Tissot PR50 Automatic T34148352 on bracelet, with box $175

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    Up for sale a very nice preowned Tissot PR50 Auto with the black dial, ETA 2824-2 movement. Asking SOLD $175 via paypal, free CONUS shipping. If you don't want the box I'll make a better deal (saves me about $10 in shipping). International buyers welcome, but shipping will be at cost with...
  9. Hamilton Khaki Field Officer

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    Hamilton Khaki Field Officer Lightly used with box and papers Limited Edition, Number 1268/3333 The original receipt is dated February 2002, so I presume this watch is a 2001-02 model. Includes two brown leather straps and a black "The Band" nylon/velcro strap if you want it. One of the...
  10. Hunt for Sturmanskie/Okean Chronograph

    Russian watches
    Hello forum, This is my first post here, so greetings to you all! For the past days, I have been trying to look for a Sturmanskie Chronograph, preferably the stainless steel version with the 31659 movement. As you probably know, finding such a watch in a decent condition is no easy task. After...
  11. Some 6497/8s "poor-man" hack and others don't

    Public Forum
    6497s and 6498s don't officially hack (the fourth wheel, and by association the subseconds hand doesn't stop turning when the crown is pulled to the setting position, which makes syncing the seconds hand almost impossible). It has been reported that one can fake a hacking behavior by putting...
  12. GA-110 light modding idea/query

    Casio G-Shock
    I refuse to believe I'm the first to think of this, so I'm hoping someone out there has done this and has input. I recently received a barely-used (I can't find any wear, anywhere, s'pretty!) GA-110C-1A. It's a nice watch, a tiny bit busy, except one thing bugs me...That doggoned light! It...
  13. Quick Miyota Question (Invicta)

    Public Forum
    Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong forum; I just joined and I'm posting this from my phone. I just bought an Invicta 8926 which has a Miyota 8215 movement. Everywhere I've looked, I've seen that the movement is nonhacking, which I understand means the second hand doesn't stop when setting...
  14. FS: SEIKO 5 SPORTS AUTOMATIC WITH 24 JEWELS (SRP145K1) and 4R36 Movement!! Hacks/Winds

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  15. Seikos Advan with hacking 7039 movement

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    Up for sale is a Seiko Advan with the highest end of the 7000 series movements; the 7039 with hacking. This one is all original including the Advan bracelet, and was serviced recently. It has some marks and scratches on it, including a scuff on the crystal. $150 shipped. Interesting trades...
  16. Hacking a 3220.50 Triple Date

    Hello all, I'm a long time lurker, first time writer. I have a 3220.50 triple date that I'm quite fond of, except that its legibility is exceptionally poor. The hands are outlined in silver with luminous material in the middle of the hand (which material is not that luminous, incidentally). The...
  17. SOLD: Benrus DTU-2A/P military watch - MIL-W-3818B spec, July 1965 issue

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    Sold! Thanks to the buyer and WUS. Asking $250 SOLD. Price includes shipping, tracking, and insurance to the US or Canada. I will ship internationally; please message me for a quote. Benrus DTU-2A/P watch, issued July 1965 (Vietnam-era). This watch comes in single case design (one-piece...
  18. SOLD - Semdu Automatic - $40

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    [SOLD] is a Chinese-made Semdu automatic watch. Comes with the factory strap and clasp. Approximate case diameter is 37mm (w/o crown); approximate lug to lug distance is 44mm. About 12mm thick. The watch case shows surface marks and tiny nicks consistent with normal daily wear. The leather...
  19. Was it my imagination or did I see a 24j Seiko with a hacking movement?

    During one of my online travels, I could swear that I came across a new Seiko watch that boasted a 24 jewel movement that hacked. Since then, I've looked and looked and have been unable to find such a watch. The price was somewhere around $200. Anyone here have information on such a watch...
  20. Force hacking-do you??

    I've been reading and wondering a bit about this as I shop for my first automatic. The information that I've found out there is patchy at best. Now I'm curious, how many of you out there force-hack your non hacking movements, such as the 7s26 in the OM? An official poll.