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  1. Omega Seamaster 2254.50 - sort of a half link but not really - what is this?

    Just received a Seamaster 2254.50 from NathanSr (thanks, Nathan!) and it came with a couple of extra links and one odd one - a normal half-link looks exactly like the full ones, it's just shorter. But this isn't anything like that - it's a single tube that's the full width of the bracelet, has...
  2. Half Link For Tudor Pelagos

    Public Forum
    Hey guys, really looking for a solution here. I just purchased a Tudor Pelagos as my first serious watch, however, I am running into a problem with the bracelet and its driving me a little crazy- and I am only really interested on wearing it on the bracelet. Basically, if I put it on the...
  3. WTB: Half Link for Omega SMP Bracelet

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello -- I am looking to buy a half link for the Omega Seamaster 1610 "speedy" bracelet. Preferably with link pin and link tube included. Thanks, and Happy New Year!