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  1. Vintage Lady's Hampden Watch

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    FS is a vintage 40s lady’s Hampden watch. It has a 10k RGP case with a stainless steel back . The case is in great shape, no dings, deep scratches or wear through of the gold. The crystal is scratch free. It’s on a vintage (not sure if original) expanding gold plated bracelet. It comes in...
  2. Need help identifying and/or dating 2 Vintage pocket watches...Cortebert and Hampden Watch Co.

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    First is the Cortebert, there is no numbers on the movement just ARFS and nnnnnn, on the inner case is B.B.1 with # 997580 directly under it, the same # is also on the inside of the outer case as well. Next is the Hampden Watch Co., all of the numbers can be clearly seen in the pics in the link...
  3. Two affordable Made in USA brands

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    Bel Aire and Hampden Watch are two affordable watches made in the USA. Bel Aire makes their mechanicals in Switzerland, but much of their quartz in the USA. I don't think Hampden has any mechanicals at present (they might) but they do have a wide variety of quartz which I believe they assemble...
  4. Need confirmation for a Hampden pocket watch (56K warning!)

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    Sorry to barge into the forum without any useful contributions, as I'm a newbie when it comes to watches. I've had a very nice Molnija pocket watch with a train engraving on its case (which I broke due to my enthusiastic "fixing" behavior, namely a boring day and a screwdriver), but now my...
  5. Hampden Watch Co. Serial 3259958

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I just got this pocket watch as a gift. Was just hoping to get some information about this awesome piece of history I recieved. The case says Dueber Special with a crest and anchor on the inside back face. Serial No.: 9010437 The face of the interior of the watch protecting the moving parts...
  6. So, I found this old watch...

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    While visiting my in-laws this Christmas, my 79-year old father-in-law took out an old lockbox full of medals and other ancient treasures that formerly belonged to his father. He was showing them to my young kids, who were of course fascinated (as was I!) Among the forgotten heirlooms was an...
  7. Seeking Hampden Pocketwatch Info

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    I was wondering if anyone happens to know anything about this particular model of Hampden pocketwatch? It's an heirloom piece that I would like to eventually have restored. Unfortunately, I don't know much about pocketwatches. Any advice/info is greatly appreciated:
  8. Vintage Hampden Pocket Watch restored!

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    This is my firs post in this forum. . .and it's going to be a long one! Pictures at the end. . .I promise!!! When my grandfather died back in January of 2004, I inherited a good deal of his "stuff." My uncle already had his guns (I came home from work one day and my grandfather had them all...
  9. Hampden, 1889 pocket watch

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    From this forum I found this Hampden Watch Company watch , SN 604493 was made in 1889, size 18, 15 jewels, grade 42. the face has "Frank Mettler, Louisville, KY, which I assume was a jeweler in that time frame who ordered the movement from Hampden. The case is made by Cornell, SN 1463535 with...