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  1. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I got a good deal on the Lacz Denton homage of the Mido Ocean Star GMT. It was 75 USD after a 20% discount on Amazon. I haven't received it yet, but the biggest problem might be the DG movement. It seems a coin toss if it will last, so I'd like to have a backup plan if it doesn't.
  2. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I would like to make a watch with a hangzhou 6460gmt movement, I understand the sate wheel out of the factor is to line up with rolex date window position dails not ETA position dails, I understand I can't just change out the date wheel as it would sit too low but does anyone know where I could...
  3. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi! Does anyone have any informations on the Hangzhou JHS29-2? It is a Seiko clone I believe. Thanks 🖖🏼
  4. Reviews
    There has been much talk about this watch and movement, so I decided to get up-close with the movement to highlight what exactly you're getting in an affordable micro-rotor movement in terms of decoration and finishing.
  5. Affordable watches
    I got this last week, and figured I'd share some photographs here. I also just posted my review of it in the Reviews section for anyone interested - Baltic MR01 Salmon Dial - Baltic is back in the game...
  6. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi y'all! Got this one in the mail from my first purchase from this GuTe Trade vendor on Amazon. They sell a lot of IK Colouring stuff. I generally liked this one, the only downsides seem to be it's a bit more bulky than I'd liked (I have skinny wrists) - also the date adjusting is not as smooth...
  7. Affordable watches
    Bought this mushroom during my holiday in Prague. Paid around $60 for it in a store called Tchibo, a European gift shop that has some fun mushrooms once in a while. I went in for coffee and left with a skeleton watch. ;-) It's a pretty decent watch actually. Smooth winding, automatic with 40+...
  8. Public Forum
    Background: I'm considering getting into low-production-run watch-making/selling. I would use the same hands, cases, and straps that makers like Getat, Wenping, Manbushje, that crazy dude on Kickstarter, and a zillion other small-to-medium makers and individual DIYers use. I would either use...
  9. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I finally bit the bullet and broke the bank on my first Chinese tourbillon. You'll recognize the familiar PTS Resources/Hangzhou movement here as is seen in other afforable tourbillons such as those by Stuhrling Original, AATOS, Exactano, etc. Haven't worn it yet, but first thing I noticed is...
  10. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Our favorite giant auction site now has HANGZHOU 6460 movements which is a Chinese 2836-2 movement with GMT complication. Very honest they admit that the GMT 2836s we see are all fake as ETA doesnt make such a movement. Good news for watch builders. Now the question is if it is worth it to swap...
  11. Chinese Mechanical watches
    This one makes my second Android tourbillon. I didn't think anything could replace my first one, but this one is nice. It's completely different from most affordable tourbillons that I've seen. The movement is the Hangzhou HZ3310 mechanical tourbillon with 19 jewels and 40 hours of power...
  12. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I am starting this second thread for the same topic discussed a few weeks ago for easy reference. Thinking of a watch project I struggled to understand the technical details for the various commonly used Chinese and Swiss movements. With the help and encouragement of the Chinese Mechanical...
  13. Image Gallery
    I thought it was time to put a few pictures of another of my Chinese watches here in the image gallery. This time a Hangzhou Skeleton, in a mushroom brand called Chenevard. It is not a watch I wear a lot, but I love to watch the movement. Regards, Martin
1-13 of 13 Results