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  1. Affordable adventure style watch

    Affordable watches
    Hi there, So, i'm looking to expand my collection. I've narrowed it down to following models, since they come with a cream colored dial, the bezel with the north/south thing (english is not my first language) and are +42mm, which are really my only requirements at the moment: Swiss Military...
  2. Need help to identify a Swiss Military Hanowa watch

    Affordable watches
    I'm not sure which exact model is this. Here's the picture --> Screenshot by Lightshot Not the best quality, I know. Thanks.
  3. FS: HANOWA SWISS MILITARY Skipper 06-5214.04.007.04 (100%, LIKE NEW)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I need to collect some funds, so i got to clear my watchbox. hope this one gets quick a new home. Condition: Only worn one time, NO MARKS, Back has still plastic on it Functions: Date Technical Data Glass: Saphire Case: Steel Dial: Black Waterproof: 10 Bar (100 Meter) Diameter: 44 mm Kaliber...
  4. Swiss Military Hanowa Men's Sealander Speed Watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I'm selling this watch to fund another watch project. Watch is good condition. The bezel does have a scratch on it, which I have tried to show in photo graph 4 (It's 2.5 pips before the 70 mark). I will only include original PVD strap, not the leather or Zulu. Sorry about the poor quality of my...
  5. HANOWA consigli per acquisto!!

    Orologi di Classe - Italian forum
    Da pochi mesi mi interesso al fantastico mondo degli orologi, essendo minorenne ho pochi soldi da spendere tuttavia ho gia due orologi uno al quarzo e uno automatico, niente di valore ma mi rendono felice :) Recentemente mi sono inbattuto in un orologio hanowa scontato da 550€ a 250€, il modello...
  6. Help ID'ing this Hanowa Swiss Military?

    Affordable watches
    This is a Swiss Military watch my wife got for me back in '98 when we were in college, when she was in Switzerland studying abroad. (pictures below). At the time, I didn't know anything about watches. "Swiss army" style watches were pretty popular, and it was my first watch as an adult. It...
  7. SWISS MILITARY-HANOWA Revenge Dual Time

    Since it was founded in 1963, Swiss Military - Hanowa has excelled in the production of watches that are both sporty and trendy. With its new “Revenge Dual Time”, the emblematic Swiss army brand combines these two attributes more strongly than ever before. First, there is the extremely practical...