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  1. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Fifty Four Seiko 6105 Bronze homage Blue on Isoframe style rubber strap. No box. Condition is excellent, Please see pictures for condition. I price my watches to sell, price includes PayPal fee, shipping via USPS Priority mail. CONUS only please. Please see my reviews in the "feedback and...
    $100 USD
  2. For Trade Withdrawn...

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Hi, For trade, these ones below! 1. Heimdallr bronze turtle. Has some patina. Multiple straps with it. Really solid watch with the NH35 from Seiko. Not seeing enough wrist time. 2. Vostok turbina, new in box with tags and plastic films. Got it as part of a trade but on receipt I found out it...
  3. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Anyone knows from which watch does the Heimdallr V 2K20 take "inspiration" for its dial? I could not find any Seiko SKX with this dial.
  4. Affordable watches
    Hello everyone, For starters, this Thread continues from this One 5 months ago: I finally got the courage to try to fix this guy, and since worse is difficult, i tried to Change the...
  5. Affordable watches
    I noticed an odd shifting sound while wearing my new Heimdallr 62mas homage and when I took it off my wrist the case back just fell right off. WTF kind of QC is going on over there?
  6. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Available for sale are three watches from the Heimdallr watch collection Sharkmaster MM300 - This is the ETA version, which is no longer available on the Heimdallr website. The watch comes on the bracelet, which is reminiscent of the original MM300. Will be shipped with box, warranty card. High...
  7. Affordable watches
    Hello everyone, Before all, thank you for your time. Today i attempt a bezel removal, and it went very bad, Did a lot of damage to the watch, Bended the bezel, Bended the bezel click, Just bended and rebended the bezel reteiner, (At least the bezel insert is ok) xD Well i'm posting photos to ask...
  8. Affordable watches
    Hello everyone, This was a while ago, I was trying to regulate my Heimdallr skx, and when i was closing it, the Gasket was bigger than before 😶 Is there a way to do this right? Or i need to find a new Gasket? Thanks in advance
  9. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Unfortunately, as excited as I was to receive and wear the Heimdallr Monster, it has a movement problem. I'd venture to say that the date wheel must be rubbing against the dial as the watch stops around the date change time, EVERY night. On the timegrapher the numbers are a bit crappy, but...
  10. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for sale is a Heimdallr citizen promaster homage. I purchased a swatch a few months ago and never really wore it so I put it up on sale. Just checking it out, I realize that there is some kind of malfunction going on. While screwing in the crown it changes the date and when the crown is...
  11. Public Forum
    Hello everyone, Just something on my mind, I never thought i was that guy who brags about accuracy in watches like its a top priority, But the in the other day i was using my new heimdallr, with a NH36a movement, and when i arrived at work i was almost late and because in a week my watch lost...
  12. IMG_20210122_193601801.jpg

    Drive in heimdallr
  13. Affordable watches
    Hello everyone, Last week my watch finally arrived, it took almost a month but since i got lucky to not pay addicional taxes it was worth it. The watch is a: Heimdallr skx007 HOMAGE, With a jubilee bracelete, Black Dial and bezel, BGW9 lume instead of C3 Saphire crystal, NH36, ceramic bezel
  14. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for sale is a Brand New still in Plastic Heimdallr Promaster Homage. It comes with original box and warranty card dated 11/2020. Please see below for specs Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel Version: 2K20 Case Back: 316L Stainless Steel Bezel: Unidirect rotatable bezel (360 degrees) Bezel...
  15. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for sale is a Gently worn Heimdallr Monster Blue Dial. It comes with original box and warranty card, bracelet tool dated 11/2020. Please see below for specs Design: Monster Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel Case Back: 316L Stainless Steel Bezel: Unidirect rotatable bezel (360 degrees)...
  16. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I am totally and utterly confused with the branding of Seiko prospex homage watches...Sharkey/Heimdallr/HIMQ/LTM/Proxima/San Martin/etc. Sharkey, Heimdallr, HIMQ, LTM, Proxima, San Martin which Chinese brands are the best in terms of quality when it comes to the sumo or the marine master?
  17. WTT - Trade Corner
    Hi guys! (Apologies for the huge images, zoom out to 25%) I'm looking to trade one or another of these two watches below for an Aquatico Seastar Bronze, I just like the looks of it, reminds me of the Tudor Black bay and the ceramic bezel just rocks. I'm also open to other bronze divers with...
1-19 of 19 Results