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  1. Affordable DSSD Homage/Sterile:Help

    Affordable watches
    Hello guys, I am happy to join this great forum.Recently,after so much search about which would be my first affordable automatic watch,i took an eye to the sterile deep sea dweller watch from Parnis.I was impressed by the look of the watch and i continued the search for the best homage to...
  2. FS - Helenarou 6538 Sub style watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hey WUS hope all is well. I have for sale my Helenarou 6538 Homage Submariner. I have a gorgeous watch, with the ever popular "no crown guard sub look." It retails for $450.00-$570.00 depending on which movement you go with. The case set, hands and dial can be purchased for $299.00. I ended up...
  3. **SOLD** FS - Helenarou - Sea Dweller / Sub Hommage - Mint condition

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD*** HELENAROU SEA DWELLER WATCH with CERMARIC BEZEL and Swiss ETA 2836 Movement Hello friends! I am selling my Helenrou Sea Dweller, which is in just stellar condition. Here is the breakdown: 40mm Submariner Sterile Solid Steel Case with Ceramic Bezel and Swiss ETA 2836-2 Case size: 40mm...
  4. What makes a $1k dive watch worth it over the offerings of Steinhart, Prometheus, etc?

    Dive watches
    I have been reading through postings on dive watch micro brands and best value watches and I can't help but be confused. Outside of standard dive watch specs (unidirectional bezel, at least 200m depth rating, etc.) it seems what dictates the price of a watch is whether it has a sapphire crystal...
  5. FS: Davidsen Radiomir homage - California dial on Savage strap

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Have finally decided to put one of my favorites up for sale... It's a Davidsen Radiomir homage with the California-style dial. Has real Sapphire glass and is in absolutely mint condition keeping perfect time. Eeeasily has THE brightest lume hands-down of any watch I have ever owned. Comes with a...
  6. Chinese Nav B-Uhr PVD Pilot

    Affordable watches
    Just received my first non-diver watch. Purchased from Helenarou. First impressions are good. At 44mm it's the biggest watch I own and at first seemed a bit too big on my 7" wrist. I think it's due to the lack of a bezel. I'm getting used to it though. Fit and finish are great for what it is. I...
  7. Does helenarou have their own website?

    Affordable watches
    I was doing a search for Marina Militare watches on Google because they seem to have disappeared from eBay and I want to make that my next purchase for my 18th birthday/graduation as a gift to myself. Anyway I came across and they have all the marina militare watches that...
  8. FS: helenarou Marina Militare Destro PVD ~ $225 shipped.

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS: helenarou Marina Militare Destro PVD ~ $220 shipped... Own two of these bad boys and due to some recent WUS purchases, now one has gotta go: helenarou-made Marina Militare Destro PVD on (read:Thick) Black Rhino strap. TZ rated 95% condition. Keeps perfect time with both front and back...