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  1. Watchmaking
    Hi all. This is my first forum post so apologies if I do not explain my issue properly. I have a Grand Seiko 1964-0020, a lady's hi-beat watch from 1970. It was running about 60s fast per day, so I thought I would de-magnetize it and adjust the regulator screw. After demagnetizing and starting...
  2. Frédérique Constant - Ateliers deMonaco - Alpina
    Hi, I found this watch on the internet, but I don't know, if original. Can you help me please?
  3. Cartier
    I've scoured the internet for this watch that I inherited and can't find it anywhere! Just one sale from 2012 on eBay. Can anyone please help me out?
  4. Public Forum
    Hi everyone. Can you please help me identify this watch below? I had thought it was a Kronaby at first but can't find any matching model. This could be very important - or not, depending on the brand... Sorry for the quality of the images but this is the best i have. Any help much...
  5. Casio G-Shock
    I’ve had my watch for a very long time as it was a gift from my late best freind but it is missing a bezel and it would mean the world if I could replace the bwzel and keep care of my watch. I’ve searched eBay as well as other sites but there are no listings for a g-3011 bezel If you know anyone...
  6. Public Forum
    Bernex pocket watch - gold coloured, full case with gold coloured face. Roman numeral 12 only and day/date dial (Day in both English and French) Battery operated, inside stamped - 6 jewels, UNADJ, 377, Harley I don't know anything about this watch, I didn't even know he had one. I have no...
  7. Watchmaking
    Hi, i have a girard perregaux laureato 38mm ( the newer ones ) and i am trying to unscrew the pin in the strap to change to the rubber strap and one worked fine but the other one is stuck and wont budge. Is there anything I can do to loosen it? Thanks
  8. Public Forum
    Family member just gave me this watch but dosnt know the model name. Does anyone know it.
  9. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what this watch is since I can't find anything on the internet that can give me a straight answer I thought I would try to ask here. I was recently given this old vintage looking watch from a family member and it says on the dial "Arcadia" and bellow "Swiss made"...
  10. Public Forum
    Hello all, Just got my new Oris Aquis a few days ago and afterall day of wearing , in the evening the luminova last just aprox 15-30 min normaly. is it normal? Or maybe i should charge it somehow? i thought that it have last at least all night?
  11. Oris
    Hello all, Just got my new Aquis a few days ago and afterall day of wearing , in the evening the luminova last just aprox 15-30 min normaly. is it normal? Or maybe i should charge it somehow? i thought that it have last at least all night?
  12. NAWCC Forum
    Hello Could anyone help with some history of this Newport clock and the Newport clocks LTD company. Thanks
  13. Public Forum
    Hey, Not so long ago i bought a tao international watch off Poshmark for about 60$ and i bought it cause i thought it was nice, really cheap and mechanical mouvement which is pretty cool in my opinion. So before buying it i looked online for the brand and it has no information nowhere. I cant...
  14. Casio G-Shock
    Hi y'all, There used to be a page on g-central dedicated to keeping track of release dates of every full metal square model and now the URL I bookmarked no longer exists... (gmw-b5000, and mr-g b5000 series) I'm wondering if there are any other such resources? I'm an avid collector but I don't...
  15. Public Forum
    I'm at a weird place in my watch journey and need some potential suggestions. I've got two watches that have been my current 'collection' for quite some time (Tudor BB58 and IWC Mark XVIII LPP) and have been looking to add a third. I've worked through a Rolex Air King 14000, Nomos Orion...
  16. Rolex & Tudor
    Best shot of it I have seen. The band looks Rolex and the dial appears to have a Crown logo. So hard to tell pausing a tv show. I thought it looked like a Daytona but it does and it doesn’t.
  17. Public Forum
    Hi all, Few years back I got into watch repair and restoration, not for money but for the joy of bringing a timepiece back to life for me to enjoy. I started with quartz watches, Seiko Kinetics and Citizen Eco-Drives and have recently started dipping my toe into the world of mechanicals (manual...
  18. Public Forum
    Hi there, I got this Rolex GMT-Master 2 for a couple of weeks to review. The owner told me it is a "Fat-Lady", the only reference number I can find for this model is the 16760 which I cannot find with the "Pepsi" bezel. Now someone else told me it could be the next model with reference number...
  19. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi! I acquired this watch recently. It’s 18k 750, has a lovely coin edge hinged side, but trying to figure out the manufacturer. Lovely dial and hands too! Anyone got any ideas? photos attached.
  20. Dive watches
    Hi all! I've been trying to identify this dive watch but not sure if it's a Halios, Squale, IWC or Omega. Here's the enhanced image of the watch: And here's a link to the full picture: Clues: thin bezel, straight hour/min...
1-20 of 174 Results