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  1. German watches
    Hello, Im new to the site and looking for any information about this watch and brand. From what I've been able to research Ankra was a German watch maker which is why Im posting this here. If this isn't the right place for this post some redirection would be appreciated. The back of the...
  2. Casio G-Shock
    Hello, I've recently tripped and fell head first into Casio digital watch collecting. I originally got a F-91W as a random gift. The F-91W was kinda small on me so I got an AE-1000W that has world time and i adore this watch. The same day i got the AE-1000W i found an W-735H that has a...
  3. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi! Happy I found this forum! I know nothing about pocket watches or what to look for, so hope someone here can be of assistance. Years ago I received a watch from my grandmother. I thought it was cool, and as far as I remember she had no idea where it came from or whom in the family it had...
  4. Seiko
    I want to try and find this watch model for my brother who had one just like it many years ago.
  5. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
    Hi all I've recently inherented this watch from a friend who was clearing out his house and didn't need it. Can you help me identify it, I believe it is a Tidir Advisor from the 60s Any help is appreciated
  6. Public Forum
    My grandfather passed this down to me - says “Golus” on the dial and the case is made of gold. Purchased in 1948 - I can’t find the brand anywhere online! Want to know more about it. Thank you!
  7. Citizen
    If I rip it off there'll surely be a little piece stuck in there forever. Does the clasp open more? I'm really dumb lol. Gently pulling does absolutely nothing, it's dug in real good.
  8. Affordable watches
    Hi! I am 20 years old and got into stuff like this website and countless watch channels on youtube when I first started looking for a watch about two years ago. Having spent an alarming amount of time on forums, videos, chrono 24 etc to find the perfect watch for me I still have nothing to show...
  9. Casio G-Shock
    Hi, New to the forum but was recommended by Casio to try to get help on here. I have a Casio G Shock GE-2000 Limited edition styled by Pininfarina. Bought it back in 1999 and have kept it stored away to preserve it. Have had to have the flat battery replaced and the shop said that it needed a...
  10. Omega
    Hi friends, I inherited 2 Omega watches and need help finding their models and cost
  11. Watchmaking
    Hi All, I recently opened the back of non-wpking Timex Indiglo CR 1025 cell and this piece dropped out. It's tiny! I'm talking 2-3mm. Any help figuring where it goes would be appreciated
  12. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi everybody I recently saw this pocket watch at a thrift store, and I have wanted an old pocket watch for a while, so I just bought it. I am pretty sure it's german, can anyone confirm this? Also, is there any way of identifying the age of the watch? I assume it's old, I just don't know how...
  13. Public Forum
    Is there any brand that has shield logo similar to Tudor? I saw a watch that looks like Tudor but logo had flat top unlike Tudor. It also had vertical line going from the top to the bottom of the logo and nothing more. Certainly not Tag Heuer. Maybe some sort of Tudor's replica with fake logo...
  14. Public Forum
    So recently I decided to pull the trigger on a Garmin Fenix 6x Sapphire. Now, the heard there was a lot of these watches with blue backlighting issues etc. When looking at mine, it looks fine with the naked eye. Maybe a very slight bluish hue to it during the day when the backlight comes on but...
  15. Public Forum
    Hello, I am regulating my Vostok komandirskie watch and I am not sure if I have put in the gasgket in backwards or not. I noticed the gasket has a concave, and a convex side. I forgot to pay attention while I removed it so I was hoping someone could help me figure out which side goes up.
  16. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Is there a chance to define the producer or where this bracelet is originated from? I have gotten it by my grandfather, who's watch broke down and he had taken the bracelet of, but no one knows the original watch it's from Thanks in advance
  17. Watchmaking
    My well meaning husband offered to help me get a bracelet onto a new watch. Unfortunately, he attached the wrong side and we have tried everything trying to get it out. Sadly, the lugs on this particular watch are not drilled through! Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it out. I have...
  18. Public Forum
    I want to melt down something I got from my father into a watch case. Does anyone know if there exists someone that offer such a service?
  19. Omega
    Hello! I have an omega 342 bumper movement that when wound, the hands spin fast until all power is gone. The pallet fork is moving fast back and forth which makes me think there is not an issue with the escapement. The I've tried to reset the balance several times. The balance moves freely...
1-20 of 106 Results