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help identify this watch

  1. Looking for some help identifying my watch?

    Hi to all, any kind of help here would be greatly appreciated. I recently bought an old Oris watch online, it was listed as "Oris Fully Restored Double Red Vintage Watch" and the seller told me it was circa 1970-80's but not much else. I've been looking online to try and identify it but not...
  2. Need help! Strange Komandirskie!

    Russian watches
    Hello I am new here. A few days ago I was looking through some old boxes and found this Komandirskie. So I was trying to find the exact model online but all watches have either another dial or another rotating bezel as mine. Maybe someone can help me indentifying this model, it would mean...
  3. Does anyone know which digital watch is this?

    Digital & ABC watches
    That's the only picture i can get about this watch. i know it's not clear. But still wondering if anyone here may know which model is this digital watch is. Thanks advance
  4. Can someone help me with this Zodiac?

    Public Forum
    I'd like to get an idea of when this watch was made. Also was trying to get an idea of what its worth. Any information will be helpful. Zodiac is under new management and they have always been hard to identify, at least it has been for me. Here are some pics.
  5. Swiss Army Watch - Help me identify the model

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Hi, I got this watch as a gift when I was little, thought I could change the band to a metal or metal/gold band. Does anyone know what model this is? I got it in the 90´s. On the backside it says MD951WY Thanks!
  6. Need help identifying fathers Patek Philippe (noobie post)

    High-end watches
    My father has owned this Patek Philippe for nearly 15 years but we do not know the anything about it. Can anyone let me know the model/age/movement/etc...? Any help would be deeply appreciated. Kind regards, Max
  7. VINTAGE Audemars Freres Serial 181964 I need some info on this piece

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I am trying to get price and extra info for the following piece: Audemars Freres Serial 181964 I have been unable to upload the photos through the various options so please find link on FB below...
  8. Vintage Vulcain watch - Help ID Please?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi guys, Good morning! I just got a Vulcain from a flea market in Brazil. I was wondering if anyone could help me to date this piece. Would really appreciate any inputs on the movement and model as well. I went to a local watchmaker and he told me this one is about 60 years old. What do you...
  9. Would Love Help With Details Of Pop's Watch

    Public Forum
    Hey everyone.. Firstly I don't know the common courtesy with making knew threads as I'm new to all this forum/blogs world. But I have a smallish question if anyone can help me with.. I recently have gone through a box of old bits n bobs that my grandfather left behind after passing on, and in...
  10. Help me Value this VULCAIN SKELETON WATCH?

    Public Forum
    I would like to know as much as possible about this watch including the year it was manufactured and any ideas about its estimated value. Please also let me know if I am using any terms incorrectly. Here's what I know about it: Vulcain 17 jewels, Swiss made M.S.R., T44. Skeleton / open works/...
  11. need help to understand stamp,logo,monogram or trade mark

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    hi everyone!! i need experts help to know that which brand own this watch. i have got the table watch or time piece and it has no name mentioned anywhere there are two stamps one time piece and the same is on the watch it self at the back side. the stamp or trade mark looks like there are 2...
  12. Please help me ID this VOSTOK

    Russian watches
    Greetings of the day, I have recently added a "Vostok" to my collection but i am finding trouble identifying it as i am not familiar with Russian language. Its an old piece and has been in my family for more than a decade lying unused. Its working absolutely fine, which has impressed me...
  13. Can anybody identify my Michel Herbelin watch?

    Public Forum
    Hi all :-) I bought this over 20 years ago in a watch shop chain in the UK. It has the words "alize", "france" on the front and what appears to be a model number on the back (see photo) Can anyone tell me anything about it or what price I might sell it for? Thanks Steve
  14. Can anyone help me indentify this??? Antique Gold Pocket Watch with no name??

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I bought this at an auction recently and can't figure out what it is for the life of me. I know wrist watches pretty well but pocket watches, especially antique ones are new to me. It is 8k gold and has a white face with no name on it. It has a large Hour hand and the minute hand is in a...
  15. Anyone know of this Sekonda?

    Public Forum
    First off I just want to say this is a brilliant forum. I've only recently started taking notice of watches in a significant way and this forum has been fantastic in providing information on watches I've come across on the net. In that spirit I have a challenge for the experienced watch lovers...

    Hi Please can anyone advise if this watch is a genuine Longines? It was left to me by my Grandad who bought it in 1998 from a Jewellers in Spain, he also bought a matching ladies one for my Nan. I can't find any similar watches anywhere on these forums. I believe it is 18kt Gold and is a...
  17. Need help identifying this watch.

    Public Forum
    Can not find anything about this watch. Anyone know anything???
  18. Help identify this watch please.

    Public Forum
    Hi Guys I just got this watch, and I want to know some more about it, I haven't had any luck finding anything on google about it, so I hope that there is a clever mind in this forum who might know anything about this brand, and maybe what year the watch is from?. Any info about the watch...
  19. i need help with identifying this DOXA watch

    Non-SUB models and other DOXA models