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  1. High-end watches
    Hi Guys I recently acquired a Patek Philippe watch from a storage unit I bought, I'm not sure on what model it is or if it's even authentic it does feel very heavy so I know it's not cheap, dials are broken, no straps and not functioning so definetly needs repair however I dont know anything...
  2. Public Forum
    I am fairly new to the watch world, and recently this mystery about Rolex really makes me wonder. Admitted Rolex make really reliable and solid pieces. Yet its utilitarian design does seem to (from my personal perspective) conflict with its the sky-rocketing price and the frenzy. It really has...
  3. High-end watches
    Ok so I tried to find this patek philippe on the internet and can't find it anywhere. The back of this watch I've seen on other fake patek philippes and the i is missing on the dial for the brand name. I'm pretty sure this is fake but I want to double check.
  4. High-end watches
    Hello all, I am a small antique dealer, who specializes in selling online (mostly jewelry), and I come across quite a few watches from different estates and collections. I recently bought a lot from a small auction house cleanout which contained multiple watches....they included a genuine...
  5. 2015
    The only way to capture the essence of the Skull is to look it straight in the eye. This is the first time that, when you look at the time, time stares right back. Because Skull's eyes are alive. The right eye becomes gradually darker as the 65 hours of power reserve go by. The left eye conceals...
  6. High-end watches
    Hi, I'm new to this forum website. I have been savings for years and finally I get the chance to buy my first luxury watch with a quarter of the price tag will be paid by my parents. Quite a good deal. I've been searching informations about high-end watches and I have a few choice of my own:1...
  7. Rolex & Tudor
    Hey guys here is a photo I found of a beautiful rolex watch online, thought I'd share. Credit: Beautiful Rolex Watch - Dive Watches
  8. High-end watches
    Hi all! I ordered a 33mm AP RO online, and it just came in today. Wanted to share, and maybe some of the more knowledgeable forum members can help me confirm authenticity? Much thanks in advance! I couldn't take any pictures better than the sellers.. so I just borrowed some of his :roll:
  9. High-end watches
    Apparently this is Franc Vila's first musical watch. Thoughts? Image from: Franc Vila's Inventive Movement
1-9 of 10 Results