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  1. Highgear Alti-XT ABC Watch - $59

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling a few of my rarely-worn pieces. This is a Highgear Alti-XT ABC watch. I received this watch new about a year ago and I am the only owner. It has seen some limited use and is in very good condition. There are no marks on the crystal or case and the strap is barely worn. This watch...
  2. HighGear Alti-XT

    Public Forum
    Hello all, new guy here. I'm wondering if anyone has any actual experience with the HighGear Alti-XT negative. If so I'd really like some feed back on performance and durability. I've searched the threads here and I didn't see anyone mention any "first-hand" info about this watch but if it has...
  3. Highgear Alterra Altimeter display options

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hello! I like the reviews of ABC-watches within this forum very much. Based on it, I bought a Suunto X6M, which I am very satisfied with. Only thing I am missing is the auto alti lock eg.g. the Highgear Altis is providing, but the titanium version I would prefer due to weight reasons in...
  4. FS: Highgear Altis Ti (85%+) Lowered Price $125

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Highgear Altis Ti in very good condition. There are two nicks in the crystal and maybe a small scratch (can be buffed off) on the case. This is one of the most accurate and economical ABC watches on the market and it is built like a tank. Unfortunately, I just can't warm up to the style of it...
  5. Highgear Altis SS - buttons have a cheap feel?

    Digital & ABC watches
    Just received my Highgear Altis SS in the mail today. Haven't played with it yet, but one of the first things I noticed was that the buttons have a cheap feel when you press them. The right two especially have a 'gritty' feel, while the left two are much smoother. I'm also worried about soap...
  6. Highgear Altis battery life + water resistance questions

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hi. Anyone know how long the Altis will typically last before needing a new battery? Also, can you shower or swim with it on? I think I saw some small sensor holes, so I'm a bit worried about damaging it. I'm thinking about getting one, but I don't want to have to worry too much about the...
  7. Techtrail/Highgear

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hey, I am thinking about buying a Techtrail (or Highgear) Altis SS. Does anyone have any experiences with this watch, or live pictures? I would like to see the watch on a wrist from different angles to see how big it is, but i can't find any pics on the internet. It's also hard to find any...