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  1. The history of Longines diving watches

    Dive watches
    The history of Longines diving watches The foundations of Longines were laid in Saint-Imier by Auguste Agassiza in 1832. However, the real development of the brand took place in the 1850s-1980s, when Ernest Francillon took over the management of the company. The Longines factory was...
  2. Any good history of Dive watch books?

    Dive watches
    Hi, has anyone read or seen any good books on the history of Dive watches? Either by brand or across the brands? Thanks!
  3. Brands that made the French Pilot's Watch Type 20 & 21

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello all, I've been reading about the vintage Type XX pilot's watches: The Type 20: French Military Chronographs - Classicwatch Vintage Watches I'm still a little confused regarding the branding. I've seen other brands marked as "type 20" or "type 21" that are commonly accepted and are...
  4. Interesting Tool (not me)

    Public Forum
  5. Understanding Grand Seiko - Part 1 - History

    Grand Seiko
    For many, Grand Seiko is a relatively young brand. However, Grand Seiko has been in existence since 1960, yet only available in the Japanese domestic market. In 2010 during the press conference traditionally held on the first day of the Basel Fair, Seiko Watch Corporation announced that they...
  6. Watchmaker Kurt Klaus on the History of the Iconic IWC Big Pilot

    Master Watchmaker Kurt Klaus talks to Watchuseek about the history of the iconic IWC Big Pilot watch—the watch that many say started the big watch trend over 50 years ago. Here's the exclusive interview from Dubai Watch Week 2016.
  7. Watches with history

    Public Forum
    Hi, I want to start this thread to learn about notable events that watches have been used in and to see which watch has the best 'CV'. For example, Omega Speedmaster: Flight qualified for all manned space missions by NASA (1965) First watch on the worn moon during by Buzz Aldrin on the...
  8. A Brief History of Grand Seiko and the Spring Drive - Part I

    A Brief History of Grand Seiko and the Spring Drive - Part I To understand the path that led to the creation of Seiko’s inventive Spring Drive movement, it’s important to explore the roots of Seiko’s heritage. The story is truly a marriage of past, present, and future. Photo courtesy of the...
  9. How did they know the time before the digital age?

    Public Forum
    Hey, Mechanical watches loose accuracy over time. Now days we turn to the internet or to a reliable digital clock around the house to set our automatics. But how can it be done without the reference of digital time? How did they do it in the good-old’-days when watches were first introduced...
  10. History of pocket watches.

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi I am looking to find out the history of two pocket watches I have been given by a family member and wondered if u could help me?
  11. Seiko diver 007 famous people and events

    Dive watches
    Hi guys (and gals?), The Seiko skx007/09 is regarded as an iconic and loved diver - for water and desk divers alike. I'm sure that it must have notable wearers and events? Which famous people wore the skx007? Where has the watch went to? Movies/TV? Sports events ? Wars been in? I hope to see...
  12. Cartier's past?

    Surfing around the net, including WUS, I think I've read that Cartier used to be a brand that was regarded as much "higher" than what it is nowadays. I vaguely recall someone saying it was in the same class as Patek, and stuff, but now it dropped down to where it is. Probably because of the...
  13. What are the oldest brands?

    Public Forum
    So far, I know Gallet's the oldest watch brand (15th century), that Breguet and Vacheron Constantine were both founded in 1775 with Blancpain being founded a couple decades earlier. Are there any other brands that have been around since the 18th century? I know that age isn't everything, but...
  14. Blancpain Villeret...Anyone Knows The Story?

    High-end watches
    Hi everyone, My very first post after a long time of lurking and being inspired by all your lovely collections! I've recently been gifted a 18k Yellow Gold Blancpain Villeret Complete Calender Moonphase. But I couldn't find any history or background information on the watch. Could the good...
  15. Vintage Eleco Clocks - historical info please

    Public Forum
    Hey everybody, I am looking to contact someone, anyone who can tell me about Eleco clocks. There are a million pics of them, but no actual information about the the company. Does anyone have any kind of information? Please help!!! all the best - Rob
  16. Help for identification

    Public Forum
    Hi All, Could you please help me identifying the ladies wristwatch and provide me more information on this? Appreciate your time and effort in advance. Regards, Rajarshi
  17. 1976 Seiko 6105-8119 IWW Serviced and History

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This 1976 6105-8119 is a beautiful, original example of the iconic Seiko diver. The sale includes the original crystal, but the watch has an aftermarket sapphire crystal that was installed by Jack at IWW in 2012, when the watch was also serviced and pressure tested by IWW. The entire history is...
  18. Book on the history of Seiko?

    Anyone know if there is a definitive "History of Seiko Watchmaking" book? I would love to have one to add to the collection of watches. I know there are lot of internet references, but I like to be able to have the tangible product. scott
  19. Differentiation Among Glashutte Watches

    German watches
    Now that I've got my GO Seventies Panorama date, someone posted on my unboxing thread about their Glashutte Spezichron as scratching their itch until they could afford a Glashutte Original. But when I researched the Specichron it came up as a GUB-Glashutte, and then there's Meuhle-Glashutte. I'm...
  20. Help to Identify these watches

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, Please can anyone help me to identify these watches and whether they are valuable? I have many others, but these are a small collection. Thanks, Kim