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hmt automatic

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    Hi All, Please check out my review video of my latest acquisition - HMT Misuni Premium black dial variant.
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    Hi All, Here's my latest acquisition from HMT, this is an automatic watch with the name Kailash. Check out my review video of the watch. Regards, Chiraag
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    Hi All, I have made a review video of HMT Automatic watches from my collection. Please check it out. These are HMT Automatic Watches from my collection 1) HMT Skeleton 2) HMT ADSL 04 3) HMT NASS 03 4) HMT Saurabh Supreme 5) HMT Rajat 6) HMT Misuni Premium Gold 7) HMT Misuni Premium Silver
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    Hi All, Here's a video review of my latest acquisition HMT's Misuni Premium Silver dial watch. Please do check it out. If you like the video please subscribe to my channel.
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    Hello everyone, This watch is my latest acquisition, NASS 03 from HMT Watches. Check out this watch in the video below. I love blue dial watches.