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  1. Straps & Bracelets
    Hi All, I recently came across WOCCI Straps, it has premium quality leather straps. I have made a video for one such strap which I have put on HMT Sona. Please check it out.
  2. Reviews
    Hi Guys, I've made a video of Original vs Franken - HMT Sona watch. When I started getting into watches, I picked up a franken HMT Sona. Hope this video will help others to differentiate between the two. Please checkout the video.
  3. Reviews
    Hi Guys, Here's the HMT Sona watch which according to me is the best dress watch from HMT. Do check it out in my video.
  4. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    As you may have heard HMT have ceased production of these watches. Be quick and grab them while you still can UK stock £30 each
  5. Affordable watches
    Hi all. I recently got a restored dial golden SONA (with "replacement dial" inscription). It features a standard-issue handwind HMT movement (HMT 0231), well, at least according to the inscription on the back of the watch. Since the watch is most likely a franken, it's possible that its...
  6. Affordable watches
    Ladies & Gents...I present to you "THE HMT THREAD". I have been benifiting from this forum for quite a while and for some time also contributing information & pictures of HMT watches. Being form India and having easier access to HMT watches than most people here on WUS, I have often replied to...
  7. eBay Auctions
    +++ FS: 29 Different Models of HMT Watches....Some Dirt Cheap+++ |>Have A Look Here|>
  8. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello everyone, I'm very interested in HMT SONA, and I like the looks and the price of this one: UNUSED HMT SONA WINDING VINTAGE INDIAN MENS WATCH~FREE SHIPPING TO WORLDWIDE | eBay To me it seems fine, the only problem I have with it is lack of (any) papers. Now I must admit I'm fairly...
  9. Affordable watches
    I'm considering a Sona and on ebay there is a red handed Sona sold by whitelotus24in (99%). The only thing that troubles me is that he doesn't post movement pics for the red hand ones but the gold hand ones have movement pics. What reason could there be? Here's his pic of the regular Sonas:
1-9 of 13 Results