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  1. what are the precautions for bank wire?

    Public Forum
    I live in U.S., and I'm currently interested in purchasing a watch from a retailer in hong kong.... I wanted one of the items listed on their website, and when I expressed my interest in buying the item, they sent me the bank account where I should forward my bank wire transfer to; and they...
  2. Ebay seller Ozmobiles?

    I'm thinking of buying a Seiko SKX007 off of an EBay seller called Ozmobiles. Have any of you bought anything of of him? He has very good feed back but I am very weary about buying watches on ebay. :think:
  3. Which seagull movement is this ?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi all, My first post. I am a long time lurker in WUS and have benefited greatly from the wealth of info here, so first of all: Thanks!! I recently came across a TAO watch (am in HK so can get still get TAOs). My only hesitation is the movement used. As customer service is nil at TAO, I am...
  4. Looking for More Info on this Found Watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi there, a couple of months ago my family was working to clean out my grandfather's house. There wasa 50's LeCoultre desk clock uncovered which I fell in love with instantly and which now stands prominently in my apartment. We also came across a number of vintage wrist- and pocket watches. Some...
  5. Franck Muller opened its first four-storey Maison in Hong Kong

    High-end watches
    On July 4th Franck Muller, the Geneva-based prestigious watchmaker acclaimed for its exceptional craftsmanship, proudly unveiled its first four-storey Maison in Hong Kong. FRANCK MULLER® held a grand opening reception in the Maison to celebrate the remarkable moment with...
  6. Shipping Watches to Hong Kong (From USA)

    Public Forum
    Hi WUS, How would y'all recommend shipping 2 watches from USA to Hong Kong (for service)? I usually ship EMS (Express International in USPS-speak), but ran into a roadblock at the post office on Saturday: This HK customs restriction: "Coins; banknotes; currency notes, including paper money...
  7. Roger Dubuis & WATCHES&WONDERS

    News from the Watch Industry
    Roger Dubuis is delighted to announce its participation in the first Asia Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, WATCHES&WONDERS, Running from September 25th through 28th 2013 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, the exclusive new trade show will feature the latest creations from the elite...
  8. WTB - Tag Heuer Carrera - Second Hand - Black Face, Stainless Band - IN HONG KONG?

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I'm in Hong Kong for the next few days, and am looking for something like this, second hand and authentic. Have done research so know a good price, have found this watch at a few places, just not with the black face. Anyone know where I can find one while I'm here?
  9. CASIO. Searching for a store in Hong Kong.

    Affordable watches
    Hello. I'm going to be in Hong Kong in September and I'm trying to plan out where the thrifty local would go to in order to buy a Retro Casio watch. I'm talking about a good deal kind of store. I'm very interested with the : Casio B640WB-1BEF If anyone happens to know what store and exactly...
  10. FS: Sandoz Mini-Submariner with Strap and Bracelet

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is my Sandoz 34mm "boy size" Submariner homage. This is a Sandoz Hong Kong watch and features a 2824 movement. Included with the watch is a Hadley Roma 17mm black oil tan leather strap and the original bracelet with extra links (the bracelet will need a spring pin to attach the two...
  11. IWC opens a new boutique in the heart of Hong Kong at IFC Mall

    The Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen opened a new boutique in the International Finance Centre mall, a highly prestigious business location and home to international luxury brands as well as hospitality and financial institutions. The new ifc boutique offers yet another chance to enter...
  12. Grandmother's old watch - Helbros Quartz - Is it old??

    Public Forum
    Hello! I am Brand new here! Wondering if anyone with ANY knowledge about watches at all (more than me) can help me determine if this watch is a vintage Helbros or worth nothing! Also - Is there any way to know if the band is real gold? I can not get very good photos. So I will briefly...
  13. Tudor Heritage Black Bay in Hong Kong

    Public Forum
    Hey guys - looking to buy a Tudor Heritage Black Bay in Hong Kong and whilst I live here, not really sure where to start. Is this model stocked in most Tudor outlets (Chow Tai Fook etc)? If not - where else should I look? Are there any retailers (preferably on HK Island) that offers decent...
  14. Seiko Vintage Servicing in Hong Kong

    Can anyone recommend a reputable shop in HK that can competently service a 6105?
  15. Buying a watch in Hong Kong against Australia?

    Public Forum
    Hi all,I'm due to visit Hong Kong for the first time in April and as part of the visit am looking to buy a brand new Baume & Mercier Classima (haven't decided on the exact model yet though). I have two questions for people in the know of HK. 1. What stores would you recommend - I've read a...
  16. Manufacture Zenith unveils in Hong Kong

    An Exclusive NEW Boutique dedicated to Precision Mechanical Horology on July 11th 2011, a boutique exclusively dedicated to watches from the swiss watch manufac- turer zenith has opened on one of hong Kong’s busiest shopping miles, at no. 58 russell street, causeway Bay. this new concept store...
  17. Obscure OCTO watch - comments / advise requested

    Public Forum
    UPDATE: Took some photos, read story + info regarding the history of the brand below, if interested. Hi, I am new here, and basically I would like to have some comments regarding a particular watch that caught my eye. I was walking around in Hong Kong today, and in a little watch...
  18. First Time Tissot Buyer: Is this deal too good?

    Hello, I am interested in buying a Tissot PRC200 Chrono. I have been looking around online and I found this deal on ebay... Compared to the retail price and other online...
  19. Strong interest in Glashütte's art of watchmaking in Hong Kong

    News from the Watch Industry
    Strong interest in Glashütte’s art of watchmaking in Hong Kong Glashütte Original presents selected exhibits of the German Watch Museum Glashütte for the first time in Asia From May 14 – 17, Glashütte Original, the founder of the German Watch Museum Glashütte, took part in the international...
  20. Shopping in Taipei and Hong Kong

    Hello all, The boss is sending me to Taipei and HK for two weeks. I am trying to focus on the job, but all I can think aout is getting ahold of some of the beautiful asian Seikos that I drool on over the internet. I am looking for some good shops in Taipei or Hong Kong that would carry the...