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  1. Watch Tips: How To Change A Military Watch Strap On Your Own

    Public Forum
    If you’re the owner of a beautiful military (one piece style) watch strap, there are a few important things you’ll need to learn before wearing it. The first should be its history and what it stands for. If you’ve already purchased the strap, it’s likely that you already know this. The second...
  2. GA-100 a detailed instruction manual - Video

    Casio G-Shock
    After knowing 2 people with this watch (one is my work colleague) that have no clue how to set it up or what the little subdials do in stopwatch mode, I realized that there are probably more people out there who wear this watch but have no clue what it is capable of, so I made a video that in...
  3. Changing the crystal on your Seiko Tuna!

    Hey guys, thought I'd share a little video I did showing how I change the crystal on a Seiko Tuna, specifically a 7549-7000. The process is the same for all other tunas.
  4. Video: How to Replace G-Shock DW-5600 and DW-5000 Batteries

    Articles & Tutorials
    I officially start my YouTube channel that is dedicated to G-Shock how-to, review, etc. Here is my first full production video: How to Change DW-5600 and DW-5000 batteries in 8 Steps Your opinions and comments are very welcome. BTW: is the longer version with...
  5. How to: Casio PRW-3000 Negative to Positive Display

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hi All, today I decided to convert my Casio's display from negative to positive. I really liked the look of the negative display but after some use with the watch, I couldn't really stand how hard it was to read the display. For those that own this watch (or similar) and want to do the same...
  6. Help me replace my crystal and hands to citizen E111-K16750

    I have a Citizen E111-K16750 that i want to replace the crystal and hands that were broken out by an impact, direct hit to the crystal. I cannot find any resources that describe the replacement size crystal and thickness. I was able to find the hand sizes: hr=1.2mm, min=0.7mm, and sec=0.17mm...
  7. My handmade straps ON VIDEO !! Tutorial in 3 chapters

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hi fellow members, Today i decided to share my passion for handmade straps. Here is my work ON VIDEO !! Some might call it ''tutorial''.... I've been inspired by youtube vids, such as delucca or gorilla i hope my contribution will inspire others. 3 PARTS of 10 minutes each, enjoy...
  8. Hermes Authentication?

    Public Forum
    I'm looking to buy a second-hand Hermes Arceau, but I have no idea to see whether it's authentic or not. Hermes doesn't provide any information regarding authentication/warranty cards, etc... Any tips on how to to get it authenticated? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. How to Change a Strap on Panerai Watches

    Tips & Tricks
    Panerai Lovers, We've had numerous questions about how to change the strap of a Panerai watch. One of our watchmakers, Len Karter, put together a YouTube video to demonstrate the process. Feel free to check it out here: How to change a strap on a Panerai watch. - YouTube.
  10. Newbie Seeking guidance- Vintage Lusserna Muchanical Watch; How do i open it?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I got this nice watch. Always been a fan of the vintage and i heard this had nice movements so when i go to the back to look at it "What's this!?" i couldn't open it. And i don't want to rick damaging the back case any further like apparently the previous owner did. Does anyone know how or what...
  11. Duracoating (Fancy Paint) my G??

    Casio G-Shock
    I have a GW-500A that I am looking to disassemble and duracoat. Can someone help me with instructions? I've gotten so far as to get the internal component half way out but the flat ribbon wire is attached to the photo recharge bezel and I don't want to break it. I am wanting to duracoat...
  12. Tutorial: How to put watches on a double winder.

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    I recently saw on some website, that I can't seem to remember, a nice way to arrange your watches. The explanation wasn't as explicit though as what you will get in this post. First, a picture: What you see is a double winder pod. These are fairly common because they allow two watches to be...
  13. TUTORIAL: 1000m watch for $3.50 and an hour of your time!

    Public Forum
    I just finished a hydro conversion with silicone oil on two G-Shocks GW-5600J. Once I found out what oil was best suited and how to proceed the actual process was easy. Great thanks to adan, ferrolan and tiger who have done this before me and whose threads have helped me. The info that you...
  14. DIY: 25mm wide nylon strap for DW-5600E (modem burner)

    Articles & Tutorials
    Let me show you, how I made a nylon strap for my DW-5600E. I made it from a shoulder strap and a pair of keeper I sewed. I hope the photos says it all. ;-) G-Chronos