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  1. Steinhart
    Hey guys, I had an issue with my original ceramic bezel (there was a paint smudge on the arrow) I received so I emailed Steinhart and they said they'd send a new ceramic bezel (black). I figured this would be an opportune moment to install the Pepsi GMT bezel insert!! I just wanted to share...
  2. Seiko
    After almost 2 years, finally I got my first hybrid 6309-7548. I made it from my 6309-7040 franken and 7548-7000 Kanji Day. And replace the original crystal with super domed...
  3. Seiko
    The Seiko H558/H601 Sport Divers watch in Film It's not every day that a watch such as the (Seiko divers watch) is seen in Films made for TV, but it's Grand history of use in films is well established, with such compelling names as (James Bond, 007) and other Box Office hit's such as (Jaws and...
1-3 of 3 Results