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  1. What are your wackiest and weirdest mods ever attempted?

    Casio G-Shock
    Here's to all of us here who are into modding. Almost all the mods presented here are the ones that are logical, and had a happy ending. But what about those crazy ideas which do seem practical on a second thought? I am sure all of us here must have had such ideas. Some must have tried to get...
  2. Classy military/pilot ideas

    Affordable watches
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for ideas for a new purchase : A watch in military/pilot style but a bit classy. It can be vintage or modern (Vintage is a plus). Chronograph and/or GMT is a plus. No quartz! Mechanical, hand wind or automatic are both ok. Size about 42mm, I prefer round shapes, I like...
  3. Looking for an affordable Tank/Rectangular Watch - Ideas please?

    Affordable watches
    Hello all you knowledgeable WIS. I am looking to get some ideas in finding my next watch. I have decided that I want to get a Tank or rectangular shaped watch. I have been hunting around trying to find something that both meets my requirements and is affordable, and this is where I stumble...
  4. Can't adjust my leather band to fit properly.... any ideas?

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hey, so I've browsed this site for some time now, but never posted. I do require some assistance and thought here would be a good place to ask. Im having a bit of trouble with my black leather band watch. The time piece itself is superb, of great quality, but it doesn't fit my wrist very...
  5. Up to £2000 ($3000) to Spend on a Brand New Watch - Suggestions Please!!

    Public Forum
    Hi All, First post and I need some advice. For the first time in my life (and possibly ever) I have up to £2000 ($3000) to spend on a Watch! I would love to hear your suggestions, I am open to literally anything. Obviously I've looked at the Omega's and Tag's et al. I quite like the...
  6. Idea on Grad Present? Please Help

    Public Forum
    So I am graduating from College and my parents wanted to get a present for under $1000 dollars. I want a watch I can wear in the corporate world that is classic and an automatic. It needs to have Sapphire Crystal but I don't care too much about "Swiss" or not. Here are the two I have come up...
  7. Ideas for improving the Watch Sales forum

    Public Forum
    I am sick of looking at for sale postings and having to read paragraphs of descriptions just trying to find the condition of the watch and the sales price. I have long wondered why there is not a structured form to fill out when listing a watch FS. Why can't we have all people selling watches...