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  1. Public Forum
    I've found a new image of the watch face (bottom right) so thought it was worth asking one more time if anyone can identify this watch? The watch was worn back-to-front in all of these pictures, so it's NOT a left handed watch.. </3 Hope someone can help me find this watch, any help or...
  2. Public Forum
    This watch is being worn backwards, and otherwise has the crown in the regular position! <3 It's definitely vintage, straight lugs, no date window, silver non-numeric marks! Any help would be greatly appreciated! : ) The case looks super unique, perhaps vintage USSR/Soviet due to its aluminium...
  3. Public Forum
    It's from the Federal ammo website. Link below. Thanks!
  4. Seiko
    I'm having trouble identifying the model of this watch. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Public Forum
    Hi, I'm a journalist working for the Wall Street Journal and I heard this is the place to find watch experts. I wondered if anyone on here can help me identify what kind of watch this is? I'd be very grateful! Thanks. Juliet Samuel
  6. Public Forum
    Hello , i want help to identify this watch at least the brand if not the exact model.The photo is all i have. Screenshot by Lightshot Thanks.
  7. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, Please can anyone help me to identify these watches and whether they are valuable? I have many others, but these are a small collection. Thanks, Kim
  8. Public Forum
    This watch was passed down to me by a relative. I am having difficulty identifying the model number or trade name (Hampton, Capeland, Classima, etc.). All I know for sure are the case numbers...35110 833243. I don't know if the model number or type is in these numbers, or perhaps this is a...
  9. Public Forum
    Hello I recently misplaced my favorite watch I've had for over ten years and was hoping someone could help me identify the model. Its very simple and clean looking. I would really appreciate any help as my previous research was not very successful. Below are a few characteristics: All silver...
  10. Fashion & Designers watches
    Can anyone help me at all - trying to identify what watch this is. Just a picture of it but I guess the quality of the image was not good enough to see the brand - any ideas anyone?? Image attached.
  11. Zenith
    Hello I have an old Zenith watch that my Grand father left me. I have spent countless hours trying to research when it was made and to see if it is worth restoring. If I were to restore it what would be the best way? to send it to a local watch maker or the actual Zenith repair centre. its a...
  12. Public Forum
    Hi guys, can someone help me identify this watch! I am participating in a competition for identifying watches and I need help with this particular watch. I apologise for the quality. Thank you! If you have any information, please reply to this thread or email me at [email protected]
1-14 of 14 Results