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    Hello there, My aunt died a year ago and we just finished moving her house. I was allowed to take this watch as it seemed to be a pretty nice watch. I've done a little bit of digging, but I cannot find anything on this watch. I cannot the brand nor can I find a picture of a watch that looks...
  2. Public Forum
    I've found a new image of the watch face (bottom right) so thought it was worth asking one more time if anyone can identify this watch? The watch was worn back-to-front in all of these pictures, so it's NOT a left handed watch.. </3 Hope someone can help me find this watch, any help or...
  3. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Can anyone help me identify the exact year of this vintage Eberhard? Thanks!
  4. Public Forum
    I want to identify the watch at the bottom (the one seen on the wrist), and have since found 3 watches with very similar cases! I have no idea what to call this style though...? I want to call it "Flat" but that obviously gives me results of thin/flat watches, rather than referring to the sides...
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    This watch is being worn backwards, and otherwise has the crown in the regular position! <3 It's definitely vintage, straight lugs, no date window, silver non-numeric marks! Any help would be greatly appreciated! : ) The case looks super unique, perhaps vintage USSR/Soviet due to its...
  6. Public Forum
    This watch is being worn backwards, and otherwise has the crown in the regular position! <3 Any help would be greatly appreciated! : ) The case looks super unique, perhaps vintage USSR/Soviet due to its aluminium finish and simpicity?
  7. Public Forum
    This was the watch worn in Doctor Who, and I'd really like to find myself one! I've had a lot of people suggesting it's an "Omega Collie" but after a lot of research I've found this not to be true. It's worn with an "Excalibur" band, but for the life of me I can't find the watch face! If...
  8. Seiko
    Does Anyone know what watch this is/how much it should sell for. I am pretty certain it is a 4R35B movement.
  9. Public Forum
    Dear Watch Masters, Can anyone identify this watch? It is from the Netflix TV Series Travelers, starring Eric McCormack. His character wears it in the show. I have searched for example "Caprice Watch Travelers", and other variations including the other discernible words on the face. I believe I...
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    Hello! I am a watch and M*A*S*H collector, and when I found this watch, it was a perfect mix of the two! The dial of the watch has the 10th Anniversary of M*A*S*H logo and the name of one of the show's writers. When I open the caseback, there are no markings that indicate the maker of the...
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    Hello! Can anyone identify this watch and give a rough estimate of its price value? My dad gave it to me as a gift. Here is what I know: Marcel et Cie, 1970-1 35 mm, Incabloc, Stainless Steel Chronograph, Telemeter, and Tachymeter Swiss Made On the back, it says “Stainless Steel Back 332 23”...
  12. Public Forum
    I collect watches from movies and series that I love. Not just every watch, but the combination of the watch and the character wearing it plays a big part in my collection. So, does can someone help me out with this one? :) I use this site a lot, but couldn't find an answer to this one, so I...
  13. Vintage & Pocket watches
    My mom gave me my grandfather's old pocket watch as a keepsake - I really don't know anything about watches but I'd like to learn more about this one since it's the only thing I have of his. It doesn't work and I might look into getting it fixed up. The watch face says "Ogival 17 Jewels" and...
  14. Russian watches
    I have an old Boctok Komandirskie on the way on which I want to replace the hands, the crown, and the crystal if it doesn’t polish up well. I just don’t know how to identify the movement so I can get ahold of compatible parts. Thank you for your help in advance!
  15. Public Forum
    The watch was actually in the news quite some time ago, because Kim Jong Un had his watch set to South Korean time, but his sister had her watch set to North Korean time. Anyway, since people are now speculating whether his sister could follow her brother on the NK throne if he dies, it's a good...
  16. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello! Please, let me identify this Boillat Les Bois watch. What year it is from, model etc. Much appreciate any info. Thank you.
  17. Public Forum
    Hello, Can anyone please identify the brand or model of the watch shown in the picture. It appears to be a quartz watch with numerals and a red second hand. There also appears to be some writing in the center of the dial most likely a 24-hour marker corresponding with military time. The logo...
1-20 of 182 Results