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  1. Decent Squale 1521 Images

    Dive watches
    I'm starting an online shop for mechanical watches in South Africa pretty soon! We are unable to get a bunch of "nerdy" brands in South Africa, so I'm trying to make the process a little easier for watch lovers in my country. Im going to start off with Squale, but I am getting more brands like...
  2. Ocean Black DLC with Brown Leather Straps?

    Hi, I've been looking around the forum and I looked for images online and I found that OBDLC with leather strap is rather uncommon. I am thinking of getting an OBDLC soon and I am thinking of changing the strap to a classy looking brown leather strap. Thoughts? p/s: if there's photos to...
  3. Oris Aquis Review: one year of use (with high quality photos)

    This is my review of the Oris Aquis. Over the last year, this watch has been my daily driver. Being a college student, I don't have the income (yet) to spend money on more than one luxury watch, so when I was in the market to replace my daily high-school watch (a Tag Heuer F1), I wanted...
  4. Seiko SARB images - Post yours here!

    Recently got a SARB033 and am in love with it! Would love to see pics of your SARB's - Alex
  5. Citizen BM8475-26E Arrived yesterday.....(Pic Heavy)

    Hey People. Got my brand new Citizen BM8475-26E. Had to wait a whole week for it but it was finally here when i got back home from office yesterday. I was in quite a dilemma whether to get the orange on black 26E or the white on green 00X:think:. After a lot of thinking(read: asking all my...
  6. Dogwatch

    After receiving my first Steinhart a couple of days ago, I'm already a fan. I am not a collector, but I like quality watches - and was impressed by the Triton 100 ATM Black when it got here. Sharing a few pictures with you in this thread, and in a few weeks there might be an update...depending...
  7. 1903 omega PW

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi guys, Second time posting here. instead of asking more questions I thought it was about time I gave something back. Here is the omega pocketwatch I was given a few weeks ago. It belonged to my great grandfather who was a captain in the british army in WWI, accompanying him at the battle...