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  1. Ladies' Watches
    To start, I have no idea of the non-male membership constituency on WUS, but I assume that a marked majority on this forum identify as male. Yet, as fellow watch lovers, many of you will have significant others in your life. As this ladies' watch forum shows, every now and then you might find...
  2. Public Forum
    We are living through horrible times. Families, communities and businesses are suffering everywhere. After I'm sure my family is taken care of as far as possible, I've decided that my watch purchases for the foreseeable future will be from small, independent brands. There's no compromise on...
  3. Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi, there, I would like to ask a question to this select Subforum, can someone tell me please, which are the three best independent watchmakers right now? Thanks in advance
1-3 of 3 Results