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  1. Public Forum
    Not sure if there's a thread like this, but being around watches and the watch industry; there are a lot of pet peeves that we as a community really need to stop doing/saying... I'll add one of my top peeves, and hopefully you guys will share yours! Stop using the phrase "watch p*rn." Stop...
  2. Watchmaking
    Dear all, Passionate by watchmaking, I'm doing a thesis about the future of e-commerce in the High Horology Industry. I would love to have your opinion on the subject. Here is the link of my form ...
  3. Affordable watches
    Hi everyone -- I've been reading this forum day and night for months now and the one thing that struck me was what has seemed like an explosion of microbrands. Because I'm new to the world of watches, I don't know if it's just something only people on f71 are excited about, or if I'm...
  4. Watch Concepts & Designs
    As my title says, is there any room for innovation in the watch industry? Especially with mechanical movements? The latest innovation in the industry which could make major $$ is definitely smart-watches, but these have to be digital, you cant have mechanical LCD's. These wont have the soul and...
  5. Public Forum
    Does anyone have an estimate of the grey market market size? Would love to see some data and assumptions for an annual market value.
  6. Public Forum
    I was wondering if there was any official or agreed upon rating system for watch manufacturers, something akin to News Week's yearly grad school rating system. Is there any publisher in the industry that tries to rank manufacturers according to quality, reputation, market command or technical...
1-6 of 6 Results