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  1. Inexpensive Like New Watches

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I have a Timex T49988 on a leather band and a Casio MTD-1069 that have just been in my watch box and they need a new home. They function perfectly and are in like new condition. $33.00 Timex $55.00 Casio Thank you!
  2. Are all "golden" watches actually gold plated?

    Public Forum
    I know there are actually different ways of applying gold, like gold filling or even different thicknesses of plating. But in fairly inexpensive watches like the Casio MTP 1183Q or the digital Casio A 168wg (which has the gold color only applied on the outside of the bracelet), is there any...
  3. Came across this brand while surfing Facebook...

    Affordable watches
    The name of the Company is Aulta Surf which Produces water resist watches for people who like the water. I seen the Leeway Chronograph and had to pull the trigger.. Here are the specs: 44mm Stainless steel case, Water resist to 100m,Screw down crown,Date apeture at the 6,22mm lug width...
  4. Under $300 Exploration part II

    Affordable watches
    Introduction This is a continuation of the first thread. The same rule applies, a relatively unknown brand that makes a watch under $300. Where did I start? Here. I browsed WRUW threads, clicked on ads, and browsed for hours and hours. Ebay and youtube were also very good sources...
  5. ORIENT WATCHES... beginners guide

    Hi Everybody, Like many on this forum, I profess to know very little about watches. Despite this I am keen to learn, and as a new grad, have been looking around the internet for a relatively inexpensive watch to buy which is of a good quality, and still looks elegant and classy. The name...
  6. What is this for old Seiko?

    Found this old thing in a box at an auction. It's been treated very rough but still keeps surprisingly good time. 184062, Japan-M on back. 7005-7012. Seiko automatic on front together with 17 jewels. 18 mm lugs. It does seem like a inexpensive watch but I like the square shape. Does anyone...
  7. Inexpensive diver suggestions!

    Affordable watches
    Hi it's my first time posting and was looking for some help finding my next watch. I'm looking for an automatic diver around $150 and have been looking at the seiko skx007 and the orient mako. Do you guys have any other suggestions? Have I missed any micro brand options?
  8. A question for those who know better...classic dress watches on a slim budget?

    Affordable watches
    Hello gents this will be my first post on the site and I hope that I can acquire some knowledge. I've been prowling the forums for a few weeks now and appreciate that there are so many members with different experiences and insights to offer. I am a college student right now and have what I...
  9. СЛАВА созвездие opinions?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    СЛАВА созвездие opinions? Hi guys, I've been looking around for cheap mechanicals on the bay, and accidentally found СЛАВА созвездие watches. Quickly after the logical assumption that this is the iconic russian СЛАВА brand acquired the knowledge that in fact those are just another chinese...
  10. Advice for a New Watch Collector.

    Public Forum
    Hey all, I am very new to watch collecting and would really appreciate your guys help! Ever since I was a little kid I collected watches (mostly cheap rubber and plastic / Fossil watches). However, I am now 23 and working full time and want to "step up my game". Currently, I have: +...
  11. Ultimate In Luxury Online

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    There are some really great deals on the Ultimate In Luxury eBay store. Womens Watches, Mens Watches items in Ultimate In Luxury Online store on eBay!
  12. Ladies Watches

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    I recently bought a Parnis GMT Master homage with a DG3804 movement and am impressed with the quality and stunning accuracy(+5-7 sec/week once regulated) especially for a $100 watch. Who makes a nice watch with something similar to a ST6 movement in a classic ladies style with brown leather...
  13. F/S: Exclusive Watch Boxes with Free Shipping

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Stylish, elegant and inexpensive watch cases or boxes in genuine leather for 1, 2 and 4 watches. The interior is lined with a beige lining. Perfect gift for that special occasion and suitable for travel or protective storage. Boxes are made from a small family business outside Bangkok in...
  14. What is a good automatic watch?

    Public Forum
    Hi! I'm looking for a good quality automatic watch (Japanese or Swiss) that isn't to expensive. Any ideas! Thanks!!!! :-)
  15. Recent Graduate Looking for Dress Watch

    Affordable watches
    Hi all, After spending almost a month researching, I have decided that I need to interact with some real human beings for watch advice. WUS seems to be the most credible place, so here goes: I'm a 22-yr old in the second year of my first job. I did not buy a watch for my graduation and...
  16. Does a functional and beautiful watch exist at a poor man's price?

    Public Forum
    Hello All, I am brand new to this forum, so please excuse me for any ignorant errors (posting in the wrong place, accidentally offending anyone, etc.). I will gladly amend my post to anyone's grievances. As for my question: I've been looking far and wide for a versatile watch. Ideally, I...
  17. Fs: Grenen stainless steel mesh watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This watch was purchased very recently, and has seen about 60 minutes of wrist time. It's in new condition, flawless in every way. Comes with original box, papers. Grenen is, I believe, produced by Skagen. The watch features a dark dial, with luminous hands and silver-tone markers. It's pretty...
  18. Inexpensive 24-hour Watch?

    24 Hour watches
    Hello! I'm looking for a 24 hour watch for my boyfriend, for our one year anniversary. Yet I'm noticing that they're not only very hard to find, but also expensive. Does anyone know of any under 50 dollars? I don't want any jewels, anything special or showy. Just a simple watch with a simple...