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  1. Insurance for Watch Collectors

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    Fellow Watch Collectors, Long time watch collector and member (more of a lurker to be honest) of Watchuseek here. Woke up one day a year ago freaking out about how much money I had in watches and figured I should probably insure the collection. Called my State Farm agent where I have my renter's...
  2. Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

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    Hi I have a question for my fellow brits. How do you store your watches securely? I speak not of watch boxes, rolls and cases and such. I am talking about keeping them secure against theft. Now, for most on these forums who seem to be Americans, the stock answer is, "get a safety deposit...
  3. International Watch Insurance Dilemma

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    Hi everyone, Watch insurance dilemma here – I could use some advice! I currently insure all my watches through Jewelers Mutual in the US, but due to a work assignment I’ll be in Australia for the next 5 months. Jeweler’s Mutual has told me that they won’t cover me internationally past next...
  4. insuring watch shipment/best companies/parcel pro registration

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    Can anybody fill me in on why parcel pro requires references to register? Also if somebody wants to let me use them as a reference it would be appreciated, I need to send a watch out and I would prefer the best insurance possible as the normal carrier insurance is not enough. Are there any other...
  5. How to authenticate a watch without AD paperwork?

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    Hi All- I want to have my new purchase appraised so that I can tack it onto my homeowners policy in the rare case that it's not on my wrist and something happens to it, I'd like to have it covered. I purchased my watch from Jomashop, have no doubt in my mind that it's real but a lot of watch...
  6. Watch insurance UK - T H March?

    Looking to insure my Omega seamaster and putting it on house insurance is not an option. Having searched around I see the name T H March getting mentioned, any reviews from UK members? Not sure I'm clear on their policy, it doesn't seem that they actually offer new for old and my assumption is...
  7. How to send watch from USA to Canada INSURED via USPS? Seems impossible.

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    I need to send a watch to Canada for repair. The watch is valued at $2,500.00, but when I check the USPS website the fine print for every single type of mailing specifically excludes watches and jewelry or limits the insurance amount. "Coins, jewelry, watches, and other valuables are prohibited...
  8. How many USPS employees does it take to mail a watch movement to Canada? More than it should!

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    Gang, is there a proper, easy way to send a watch movement from the United States to Canada? :rodekaart Seriously, I ask this after experiencing a rather bizarre run-in with the local post office here in small town North Carolina. I am having this forum's very own 'Archer' put together an Omega...
  9. At what price point should one purchase insurance on a watch?

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    I'm wondering at what value you should purchase insurance for your watch? When it's worth $2k? $5k? $10k? I have Chubb as my insurance provider, not sure if they cover watches without purchasing additional insurance. When do you believe it's appropriate to get insurance on your watch(s)?
  10. Do you insure your watches?

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    I'm facing a bit of a conundrum and could use some advice. The combination of getting another new piece last week along with reading that thread yesterday about that guy in Houston who got robbed made me think I might want to get some watch insurance. We have an addition to our homeowner's...
  11. Please recommend insurance company to insure my PAMs

    Officine Panerai
    Got my first PAM 297 with appraisal for $9,2000 (MSRP) and would like to insure them. I'm in SF Bay area, and considering my renters insurance through Mercury (although they don't see to cover watches against accidental loss & damage) or Jewelers Mutual (they seem to cover against everything...
  12. Do you insure your watch collection ?

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    Now that I have a nice little collection sitting in my desk drawer at home, I'm wandering if I should take out special insurance on it. When I added it all up, what's sitting in my desk drawer adds up to more than your average new car. Do you guys take out special insurance on your watch...
  13. Do you insure your G-Shock / watches collection?

    Casio G-Shock
    Have you taken out insurance to protect your beloved G-Shock / watches collection? I personally currently only have a general home contents cover which covers up to a certain dollar amount limit for jewelry & watches.