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  1. Public Forum
    Well... not super new. My registration is from 2020 I think, but I only recently decided to start participating more actively. (I have been in read only mode almost since the start of this rather expensive but irresistable hobby). I'm from EU and when I'm not too busy with my job, babysitting...
  2. Public Forum
    Hello everyone! I’ve been lurking on WUS for almost 1 year now since I was bitten by the horology bug thanks to YouTube and plenty of free time due to the pandemic. I’m located in the Northeast of the United States and am currently a high school history teacher and track coach. I would like to...
  3. Public Forum
    Hi there, new to this forum. Currently based in the UK. Just wanted to say that this looks like an amazing place and that I look forward to exploring this forum and being apart of this community! Always interested in making some new friends so feel free to drop me a PM. Cheers! ~ A.Rehmat
  4. Affordable watches
    I want to take a moment to say thank you to WUS and the community. The information available on this forum is invaluable and I appreciate the time and energy everyone has put into documenting their opinions, observations, and recommendations. I have owned a single Tissot Quartz chronograph for...
1-4 of 4 Results