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  1. Flown Cosmonavigator (long)

    Russian watches
    Cosmonavigator A true space watch I recently received this Cosmonavigator as a special gift from my friend Alex with contacts within the space industry. It’s a Russian watch/instrument specifically designed for use onboard space crafts in low Earth orbit (LEO), such as Salyut, MIR, or the...
  2. SOLD: Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA (Black Mood) -- Like New

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    S O L D ... S O L D is my Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA (Black Mood) Timepiece which I purchased new 14 months ago. While I love this historically significant artistic timepiece, another project has captured my attention. This masterpiece is absolutely like new (rarely worn). It is perfect in...
  3. The Vostok Space Force ISS Komandirskie Redux

    Russian watches
    The Komandirskie as used in the ISS has been discussed quite some time ago, and there are a few ostensibly newer models featuring the same insignia as seen under the 12 position on the dial. However, the true ISS model must have the following distinguishing features: 1. Early 811 case for a big...
  4. FS - Fortis B-42, Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Titan "International Space Station", Ltd Edition

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS - Fortis B-42, Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Titan "International Space Station", Ltd Edition Hi there, For sale my Fortis B42 International Space station Limited Edition. ISS. This watch was bought 7 years ago. Is in great condition. There a few marks and scratches on the bracelet and...
  5. SOLD -FORTIS B-42 MarineMaster w SS Bracelet - near mint!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD FORTIS B-42 MarineMaster Model 647.10.41M The watch is in near mint condition. The only signs of wear I can find are on the lower part of the bracelet and the clasp. Crystal, AR and Bezel look perfect. The bracelet is sized to fit a 7.25" wrist perfectly and there are 4 short links left...
  6. Just for the heck of it I fired up the "Wayback Machine" last night

    And for those of you who have never fooled with it, can be a fun and informative tool sometimes. If you have a look at some of Omega's earliest webpages, many of them are gigglefit-inducing by modern standards. But anyway… Just for laughs I was going through some of...
  7. Welcome home, Discovery!

    Cosmonauts Sergei Volkov and Oleg Kononenko (right), astronauts Ron Garan, Garrett Reisman and Greg Chamitoff are pictured in the Destiny laboratory shortly after Discovery docked with the International Space Station. Photo credit: NASA/JSC June 2, 2008