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  1. Elsener on Valanvron

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    James Elsener has excellent industry insider sources. He's not always right (regulars will know what I'm refering too) so it's always worth seeing what he has to say and weighing it up. Here's what he's dug up on the elusive Valanvron company whose staple products are clones of the ETA 2824...
  2. What separates an EL-18 from a CL 888 from an ST16

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Thanks to the hard work of Lysanderxiii, we have a pretty good idea of what differentiates the Swiss CL888 from its Chinese source ST16 and now here is a statement from James Elsener describing the detail differences between the Eduard...
  3. James Elsener begs to differ re the CL888

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    As I expected he would :-d Sounds like that spin-job he did on Riedenschild's GEMatic movements when he claimed that the Ruhla cal. 24 was the ancestor of the ETA 2824 o| Show me the 1960s CL-888s and i will believe you, James :roll: