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  1. Elgin Gr 673: Sluggish pallet fork

    Working on a 15/0 Elgin, Gr 673. Beautiful movement with a free running train and an balance that swings FOREVER after a puff. Problem: Pallet fork is difficult to seat and when I think I have it seated, it is very sluggish. It doesn't flick from post to post. I have examined the jewels...

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    Fortis Tycoon Chronograph a.m. Automatic Watch, DD2020, Silver, Leather strap Brand New in Box - Warranty by authorised Dealer - Free Shipping Brand Fortis Line Tycoon Reference 904.21.12 L Movement Automatic Caliber DD2020 Jewels 47 jewels Power Reserve 42...
  3. identify vintage watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Helle everybody :) Found this old watch, which works. It's a manual winding watch, and it's named M* and states that it got 17 jewels and something called incabloc. But I can't seem to find any information about this watch on the web, and therefore I made this post, because maybe some of you...
  4. The meaning of jewels and their significant

    I recently got into watch collecting and really fell in love with Seikoes. On some of the watches they have a label that say something like "24 jewels". I was wondering what's the significant of jewels is. Also what is the significant of the number? I see the number ranges from 19-25. Thanks
  5. How many jewels?

    Public Forum
    Hello everyone, Please forgive me if this is not in the proper thread and if not, where to ask this. I'm curious about the quantity of jewels in high accuracy quartz watches. How many jewels are normally in high accuracy quartz watches? At what point or how many jewels does a quartz watch...
  6. Jewels missing in pocket watch??

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hey everyone, I've recently got this Elgin pocket watch and I can't really see the jewels that are supposed to be there. All I see are the brass fittings and the jewel on the centre wheel. This is quite unlike the Hamilton 992B which I have where you can see that the red/pink jewels are clearly...
  7. citizen Automatic (7?)21 jewels Crystal

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    Hi everyone, I found in an old box this watch: a "citizen Automatic (7?)21 jewels Crystal" In the back: Citizen watch co. Water resistent Stainless 4-038762 SMT 6 0 2 6 8 6 1 9 71 - 4879 GN-4-w-s Can someone tell me something about it? I got it from a friend, he did not like...
  8. Vintage Fortis Triple Calendar w/ Moonphase Jewel Question

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I recently purchased a vintage Fortis triple calendar watch with moonphase and am very happy with it. I am rather new to vintage watches, and I am wondering about the jewel count. The dial says 17 jewels, but the movement says 21 jewels. Does this mean there was a marriage of dial and...
  9. How many jewels are there in most Moonphase Quartz watches??

    Affordable watches
    In particular,a Titan one,if anyone knows.
  10. My NOS Tressa Lux

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    My christmas present from me to me, A NOS Tressa Lux. I have replaced the original bracelet to this beautiful matching leather strap.:-)
  11. 'Lavina'

    Public Forum
    today, I found a Lavina watch... round face, visible scratches from wear... details are as follows - - waterproof - duraloy - incabloc - Swiss made; mechanical operation - antimagnetic - 17 jewels - serial 1163001 - fixoflex band with the following engravings - made in Germany -...
  12. Vintage Ingersoll Triumph 5 Jewels Wristwatch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi Everyone, I have always been really interested in watches and they have always appealed to me in any shape or size. So I went to an auction today and ended up coming home with a lot of mixed watches. Amongst the watches was a rather interesting looking vintage Ingersoll...
  13. Quartz watch jewels

    Russian watches
    Do you guys know if Russian Quartzes had jewels in them? I have seen some but not the movement. What are the jewels used for? Are these electro-mechanicals? Do they have the sweep hand or regular quartz ticking?
  14. Selling Laco Flieger ETA 2660 17 jewels 40mm

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Since the watch stock is getting crowded, I am selling Flieger Pilot Laco watch with ETA 2660 manual movement (17 jewels). Sapphire crystal front, Sapphire crystal display back. Watch measures 40mm without crown, 50m Water Resistance. I have changed original 22mm strap to 'mesh'. There are...
  15. Question about movement & jewel contradiction.

    Public Forum
    Hello, I just got a Perrelet Retrograde / Regulator model A1041/C via FedEx today. My question is that the movement says "engraved" 21 Jewels but the manual says it is supposed to have "36 rubis". It is supposed to be a P-221 automatic movement and according the Perrelet website, that movement...
  16. WTT: Alpha Daytona

    WTT - Trade Corner
    I want to trade my Alpha Daytona Automatic Watch for any other Alpha Model Automatic Watch. This one is in great shape with a white Mother of Pearl (MOP) dial, jewel markers, 3 subdials (day, date, and 24 hour) on a genuine leather (baby croco grain handcrafted deBeer Europa) strap. Please...