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  1. Micro brand sale EU - Pelton, Minotto Marina Kampfschwimmer, MWManchester watch works, Parnis

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I am looking to sell the watches listed below. The reason that I am seeling these is because I realize that I'm investing too much time in this hobby and want to concentrate on other things and get down to a really small number of pieces and then slowly but surely invest less time on all of...
  2. FSOT Dievas Vintage California Titanium

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FSOT Dievas Vintage California Titanium $675 OBO $725 Trade I bought this from original owner a well know forum member. Excellent 95% condition. Comes complete with full kit. In my opinion it's one of the nicest Unitas movement watches I've ever owned even comparable to several Panerai I've...
  3. WTT - Dievas Vintage 3646

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Hi there - up for trade is a Dievas Vintage 3646 from 2007. I am the original owner, bought from Gnomon Watches. I have worn this piece a lot! it runs extremely well, but the acrylic crystals are showing some patina. please note: this was the first run of this series in 2007, which means...
  4. Dievas Kampfschwimmer Vintage California ($450!)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This is totally an impulse buy and it's been sitting quietly in the watch showcase, as I already own and wear my Panerai 111. So off to another home. If you've read about the Dievas Kampfschwimmer, then you know how solid the craftsmanship is. These guys know how to build a watch. My...
  5. Panerai 1936 Band Dievas

    Officine Panerai
    I have a Dievas Kampfschwimmer. I'm looking to order a Landa band for it. I don't like the overly long bands so I'm really looking for the original dimensions for the California dial Panerai 1936 model because I love the way the standard factory straps fit. The company says it's 26mm at the...
  6. Dievas Vintage Kampfschwimmer Questions?

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Hi everyone, I hope I'm in the right forum for this question and looking for some advice. Funny how tastes in watches can change - I did not like the Kampfschwimmer style and its California dial at first, but after studying it (and all the variants), now I'd really like to have one (although I...