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  1. eBay Auctions Pre-owned, just downsizing my collection. 1 owner.This watch is really BLUE. It didn't come out in the pictures. It's not neon or highlighter blue, it's just more royal blue than the pictures suggest. It's pretty sharp. Comes with a...
  2. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Does ANYONE have a 3584 they need or will be willing to sell. Reply or PM if so thanks!:-) I will pay through PayPal on eBay.
  3. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Does ANYONE have a 3584 they will be willing to sell. PM me i you do or just reply. :-) thanks!!! I will pay through paypal on eBay.
  4. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For Sale: A few of my fashion watches. Guess Chronograph: $40 Sized for small wrists. Unfortunately, I don't have the extra links anymore. Has quite a bit of wear and tear from years of use. Beautiful design though. Emporio Armani: $40 Classic design. 24mm lugs. Watch has been used and has...
  5. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Well, the time has come to step up and clear out some space in the watch box for higher-quality automatic watches. These affordable watches have served me well in my high school days and later while on my student budget. I am looking to clear out a few pieces and make some funds to justify a few...
  6. Public Forum
    Hi Friends, I have never bought a international branded watch till date. Need your advise. I am looking for watch under $200 to gift for a friend. From your opinions, I have finally decided on going with CITIZEN. But then, I liked a Kenneth Cole watch so much, which doesn't have any reviews...
  7. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Kenneth Cole NYC Automatic, SS, Silver Case, Silver Dial, Automatic Movement, Very Accurate (I've been getting +12 secs a day but your results may vary). This is a used watch but in very good condition, I'd say 85%. It does have hairline scratches in a few places but nothing that cape cod and...
  8. Affordable watches
    Hello all, I have been wearing Casios for the last few years and I would like to purchase an affordable skeleton watch to get me started with mechanicals. I don't know much about the different brands and their level of quality, so I figured I could get some help from people much more...
  9. Reviews
    Before or after the review, be sure to checkout curiousMan's photo collection of this watch under the microscope. Kenneth Cole Automatic KC3925 Photos by curiousMan | Photobucket Keep in mind, almost anything will look rather ugly under this level of magnification, don't be dissuaded. Ok...
  10. Affordable watches
    Any thoughts on this watch? Price, quality, im new to the watch industry and any advice or info in this watch would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Affordable watches
    Hello watchuseekers, hope I'm posting this in the correct place, it seemed the most appropriate sub forum. I recently saw a Kenneth Cole watch I really liked but did not get more from the owner other than it was a Kenneth Cole watch. The watch looked very similar to the inserted image below...
  12. Reviews
    Hello every one, this is my very first review, of so many to go (I hope so!). And please, forgive for any rule breakdown or typo. Berfore buying this watch I tried to search some review here, as long I didn't know about this brand. Since I didn't find much information, I decide to write this...
  13. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Realllyyyy want kenneth cole new york watch 1560. square chrome face with poly straps. please message or notify me if you or someone you know is selling it! thanks! :-!
1-13 of 16 Results