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  1. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This is my wonderful Kirova 1Mchz example with a near mint dial. It's an early one, (1948 or early 49) with German movement parts with the exception of the chrono bridge, which was always Russian made on these. It's running well with all functions working properly. The sweep second chrono...
  2. Russian watches
    Hey comrades. I am beginning the 2015, receiving and showing my first 2015 watch, what I'm waiting for a good time, I am referring to Kirova 3133, a reissue by Poljot: Always struck me the look of this chronograph, especially full of a lot of history, as we know is the reissue of the...
  3. Russian watches
    Hello, this one is being advertised as a repaired probably Kirova. Can anyone identify it and its movement, tell us all that is not genuine, what happened to the movement and caseback. And whether they'd buy it or not, if yes for how much... Thanks in advance for the lesson!
  4. Russian watches
    What could hide inside this one??? It is a 90° turned dial on a converted pocket-watch. Recent Molnia?
  5. Russian watches
    Just wanted to make you smile before the new working week starts! EXHIBIT A: EXHIBIT B: EXHIBIT C: First one to spot the barely noticeable errors wins the right to bid for them!
  6. Russian watches
    Hi! This Moskva/Москва Watch is currently available on the Bay. Are the hands original (central second is quite shiny!)? I like the case-back. Any idea why it is so thick and domed? Does the movement (type?) seem repaired or not? Thanks!
  7. Russian watches
    I'd like to build a watch identical to this one. It is made out of a Kirova watch. After some research on the net, I have ended up buying an original watch. The movement and dial are ok but the style really look 1920 style. I'd like to transplant the dial and movement to a more "modern" case...
  8. Russian watches
    Hi guys, (comrades, I must say) It's been a while since my last Russian piece, and since I've made some extra money this month, I'm now willing to add a new watch into my Russian collection. The problem is I can't decide which one I would go for among these following three: Chronograph...
  9. eBay Auctions
    Auction ends today! No Reserve!! Chistopol K-43 from 1947. Please visit the auction for further details (though the best photos are here): ***SOLD!*** Pictured with 2009 Vostok Reissue (not currently for sale):
  10. Vintage & Pocket watches
    It has been a while since one of these have been posted. This is my Kirova deck watch, a ship secondary chronometer. It has a 22 jewel movement based on an older Ulysse Nardin chronometer design. It was made by 1st Moscow Watch Factory (Russia), this particular one with serial number 8261 was...
1-10 of 10 Results