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  1. Russian watches
    I got this small Poljot, champagne dial, from a guy who claimed it was his grandmother's. It is small, 32-33mm, however, it seems it was a men watch. Any ideas about the movement and its age? I hope I did not get a franken. Seems to me that it looks very similar with this one...
  2. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I need to sell bigger part of my watch collection. While it's hard for me to separate with these watches I collected over the years, my loved one desperately needs financial help to pay her medical bills so I really have no choice. There are total 25 watches. All of them are running and in good...
  3. Russian watches
    Hello Russian watch lovers! Today I would like to introduce an interesting project to you - a replica of Kirovskie K43 watch. This was the first watch manufactured in-house at the First State Watch Factory in USSR and was intended for the Soviet Intelligence during the Eastern Front of WWII...
  4. eBay Auctions
    WWII MILITARY SOVIET RED ARMY KIROVSKIE 1939`s WATCH You look all watch of sold by me link
  5. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone. Have You got any hands from 1950` Sputnik? I`m looking especially for second hour hand. I need something like that (with small red "sputnik") : Thank You. Ben
  6. eBay Auctions
    WWII MILITARY SOVIET RED ARMY KIROVSKIE 1941`s WATCH You look all watch of sold by me link
  7. Russian watches
    Hello, I'm thinking of buying this Kirovskije watch which supposedly was made in the 50's. The photos are from two listings of, apparently, the same watch I was able to find (I am considering of buying the first one, without the second hand). Are these frankens? I would really appreciate if you...
  8. Russian watches
    Hi! This Moskva/Москва Watch is currently available on the Bay. Are the hands original (central second is quite shiny!)? I like the case-back. Any idea why it is so thick and domed? Does the movement (type?) seem repaired or not? Thanks!
  9. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for Kirovskie k-43 from 1MCHZ in good condition and working. Pre 1945
  10. eBay Auctions
    Auction ends today! No Reserve!! Chistopol K-43 from 1947. Please visit the auction for further details (though the best photos are here): ***SOLD!*** Pictured with 2009 Vostok Reissue (not currently for sale):
  11. Russian watches
    Yesterday I took the old watch of my grandfather - vintage Кировские. He was wearing it since I remember him, till few years ago. The watch is working, I still didn't measure how exactly it is keeping the time. I will try to restore it as it's one of my memories linked with my grandfather. Just...
  12. Russian watches
    Hello, I bought a new "командирские", which states "chrome-plated case". Till now I am using only solid-SS cases (Orient) and I am wondering how durable will be the new watch. Should I take special care of it and can I count to keep the good look for let's say 10-15 years? Any practical...
1-12 of 12 Results