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  1. help finding a very illusive Combination

    Russian watches
    Hey, I have been collecting Russian watches for a little while now and over that time have accumulated among many other things, two Vostok Kommandirskie Tankists with the 3aka3 mo CCCP inscription. One I dropped and it broke, the other has a very low quality dial, hand lume is almost all gone...
  2. My 'new' Kommandirskie Sailboat

    Russian watches
    Postman arrived this morning with a small package, marked with a Russia Post logo ! My new Kommandirskie ! This one shipped minus a watchband, so I put it straight onto a NATO regimental, with a sort-of nautical theme. Works for me. I was sold on the simple bezel design of this watch...
  3. Kommandirskie - info please!

    Russian watches
    Bought a Kommandirskie watch this past weekend. That is basically the only info that I could find with the help of the internet... Can anyone tell me anything more about it?