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  1. Russian watches
    Hello all, I am entirely new to this Soviet watch scene thanks to a very committed and kind coworker. About a week ago he showed me his collection of watches and now I cannot stop myself and need one for my collection as well. With that said I have tried to look through catalogs, websites, and...
  2. Russian watches
    Hi Guys, I have seen a couple of nice Raketa Kopernik watches with blue dials and green dials for sale (see attached photos). Do you know if these blue and green faced versions are original designs? Or are these watches likely standard white or black faced models that have been repainted? I...
  3. Image Gallery
    Dear comrades, this is my first post here. My dive down the horological rabbit hole has landed me on my ancestral birthplace - that of the USSR. Specifically, the watch brand Raketa and some of its iconic models. Finally landed a decent example of a Kopernik (man the price for these is...
  4. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I've been looking for one of these cheap Russian watches with the sun and moon dials. I want one these. Badly. I know they can be seen on eBay, but most of them go for moon prices. :( Actually, I just lost an auction a few minutes ago to some sneaky bid sniper in the last few...
  5. Russian watches
    I posted in the parts watch is anyone had one but I'm wondering if they Paketa used a standard size for the crystal. Anyone have any numbers on hand. I know Ofrei has a bunch of sizes.
1-6 of 6 Results