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  1. News from the Watch Industry
    Based out of Helsinki, Finland, Stepan Sarpaneva has has built a very unique identity for his brand, his designs and even his own likeness. The son of jewelry designer Pentti Sarpaneva and nephew to renowned local product designer Timo, Stepan's design skills were easily influenced. At a young...
  2. 2015
    Watchuseek team sat down with Stepan to discuss his inspiration behind the moon, his collection, and advice to watch collectors: Stepan shared his Korona K01 Northern Lights watches, which have an amazing glowing lume. He collaborated with James Thompson, an advanced composite specialist, to...
  3. 2015
    For hundreds of years we people up north believed that the northern lights were sparked by a fox, sweeping its tail on the snowy slopes. Not much did we know. It wasn't a fox, it was a black badger. Korona K0 Northern Lights introduces a breathtaking edition of three luminous timepieces: Green...
1-3 of 3 Results