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  1. LACO
    Hi guys, does anyone have pictures of a SS Laco/Lacher Squad or Admiral on SS mesh?? I was looking at the Jurgens Thick Mesh but not sure if it would fit. It looks like it should. Also Jurgens has a polished mesh which might look a little over the top and the other options they have are satin...
  2. LACO
    Ok, as promised... Lacher Admiral "46mm Case" among some other big boys. Hope the pics help out to reach your decisions. :-!
  3. LACO
    Here is the Laco Admiral Diver among some of my big divers. The Laco Admiral 46mm seems to hold it's own with great German style. Sorry... but i took one of the pics with low light so i took another with a good amount of light.
1-3 of 3 Results